Leo Kistner

​​​​​​​​​​​Global Business Units​​
Leo Kistner_
Empower and utilize technology for business and people

Leo is enthusiastic to utilize modern technologies in new corporate business templates to ensure transformation supporting future business opportunities, growth, and endeavors. As CTO ERP/SAP, his focus is on digital core modernization. Since 1980 he’s familiar with various custom and large-scale ERP solutions. During his professional life, he has led many successful global businesses and IT transformation engagements and international merger/acquisition programs.

Leo is passionate about transforming and simplifying manufacturing industry business processes and implementing digitalization as a baseline for beneficial industrial innovations. Building ERP processes with the global hybrid Nagarro delivery and service capabilities into standardized digital core solutions is a key passion. In particular modernizing differentiating custom solutions utilizing available ERP and other leading-edge technology options.