Anurag Sahay

Emerging Technology
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Wisdom begins in Wonder. (Socrates)

An industry veteran with an experience of about 25 years, Anurag started his journey with IBM in India and the U.S. After joining a networking startup in the San Francisco Bay Area, he eventually became part of Nokia Networks, where he led the Test Engineering and Technology offices. In 2004, Anurag joined Microsoft and worked on Mobile Protocols and Web Services from the corporate headquarters in Redmond.

After returning to India in 2007, he took a detour into teaching and started giving mathematics and programming lessons to children. While teaching, he founded a startup for helping children visualize difficult conceptual ideas as well as a startup for using Deep Learning in Diabetic Retinopathy Diagnosis.

Anurag joined Nagarro in 2016 to spearhead the Data Science and AI endeavors. Being part of Nagarro, he is convinced that working in a respectful, ethical, and humane environment is one of the key elements in making a difference in the lives of our customers as well as colleagues. When not researching AI, Anurag likes to take philosophy sessions with millennials and share the joys of discovering new ideas.

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