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Neurodiversity: Caring for inclusion

Welcome to an out-of-the-box project, our neurodiversity program, that aims to break new ground against the shortage of experts and set an example for social responsibility. Driven by the motto "Caring for inclusion," we have developed two training programmes for neurodivergent individuals with our partner AMAZING 15, to help them become either a qualified software tester or an AI & Data assistant.

Explore how this neurodiversity initiative opens pathways to the job market for autistic and other neurodivergent individuals, what the training programmes are all about, and how companies can benefit from the added value when hiring such talent.

The talent

Individuals with autism (especially Asperger's syndrome) have special abilities by nature. Their brains process information in a different way. They think in a structured way, have a logical disposition, recognize patterns well, enjoy routine tasks, and possess impressive memory skills. The strengths of people with autism and other neurodivergent people vary and often are specific to the mathematical and analytical field. The IT industry has proven to be a perfect match for people on the autism spectrum, as their very skills are in high demand.



Neurodiversity training programmes


AI & Data Assistant

The training offers neurodivergent talents the opportunity to best prepare themselves for a career in the field of artificial intelligence and data science. A hybrid learning model of theory and practice builds a solid understanding of cutting-edge machine learning technologies. Two certifications can be achieved: AI & Data Foundation Level from Nagarro and Data Scientist Associate for Microsoft Azure.
This training is available in Austria.

What's in it for companies?

Strong teams are not made up of people who think and work the same way but of a collective of "different" thinking people with different perspectives and approaches. While people on the neurotypical spectrum see connections and maintain an overall view, individuals on the neurodivergent spectrum see details at a level often not even accessible to neurotypical people. Combining these two approaches can be a superpower for your team and the entire organization! We are happy to match companies interested in software testers and/or AI & data assistants with talents. For optimal integration, we have developed the following services:

talents 2

Managed Start

The Nagarro coach accompanies your organization until they optimally set up the work environment. With this service, you create the best conditions for the successful work of your neurodivergent talent. You and your team will be prepared accordingly by AMAZING 15's autism experts.

Integrated Service

Nagarro offers services on testing and AI & Data according to your needs and integrates the neurodivergent talent into an experienced Nagarro team. The unique skills of the graduates are used precisely in the process. You benefit from the result of a strong team.

Let's get in touch!


Interested in attending a training?

Are you IT-savvy, have an eye for detail, feel at home in the world of logic and have a (suspected) diagnosis in the neurodivergent spectrum? Get in touch with our partner AMAZING 15!

Let's talk

Interested in hiring a neurodivergent talent?

Do you want to benefit from the special strengths of a neurodivergent talent and hear our experience about working with autistic people? Contact us and we can guide you on your way to high-performing teams!

Let's talk

About our partner

AMAZING 15's mission is to create jobs for neurodivergent individuals by turning their strengths into entrepreneurial success. The autism experts at AMAZING 15 know about the special needs of autistic individuals to be considered when training or working with them. For many years AMAZING 15 (former Specialisterne) has been passionately informing, placing and integrating talented people. Click here for more information.