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Digital trends III:
Generative AI-led experiences
Sling customer interaction into the future

June 18, 2024
9 min read



Kanchan Ray,
Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Nagarro, leads innovation topics and helps customers transform their business.


Rahul Mahajan
is Chief Technology Officer 
(CTO) at Nagarro. He pushes the boundaries of what is possible for the customers.

In digital trend I, we talked about how expanding digital markets into digital ecosystems offer businesses a way to— expand reach, optimize resources, and innovate for greater market share and profitability. Digital trend II revealed how you can— supercharge your enterprise strategy with Generative AI Playbooks. Here is the next digital trend to slingshot you into the future, by— building Generative AI-led Experiences, where you build strong relationships with the customer by offering them immersive experience.

As Generative AI-led experiences- Digital tech on rise!

This technology trend is about how artificial intelligence is ushering in a paradigm shift in the interaction between humans and technology. This trend is characterized by invisible but immersive experiences and a personalized responsiveness in real time. The whole strategy is orchestrated by next-generation AI and enabled by the dynamic interplay of wearables, distributed applications, and Web3 infrastructures. This revolution is leading us into a future where technology seamlessly integrates into our lives, enriching and empowering us through silent AI partnerships and personalized digital avatars built on real-time data.


AI-led experience has ushered in a digital revolution, reimagining the world where technology is replaced by seamless experiences tailored for your customers’ needs. The future is invisible, immersive, and controlled by AI— fundamentally altering how we interact with technology, from touchscreens to natural language conversations, reshaping our relationship with every app and solution.  

Powered by next-generation AI, wearables and assistants are becoming your silent partners, while a tapestry of connected APIs, digital solutions, and 5G weaves a seamless digital world around you. Web3 is a universe of distributed applications where your digital avatar dances in the Metaverse to the rhythm of real-time data. 

It’s not just tech jargon, it’s a revolution:

Light bulb icons


Technology goes into the background, leaving only the enriching experience.

learning icon


The boundaries between the physical and digital worlds blur, and you become an active participant in your own story.

science icon


AI enables personalized insights and real-time optimization to unleash your full potential.

Artificial intelligence icon


Intelligent and personalized companions help you master the complexities of daily life.

Network icon

Inclusive and accessible

No one is left behind; technology is aimed at everyone.

Security icon

Transparency and control

You demand control over your data and expect fairness from the technology that accompanies you.

It’s not about upgrading gadgets; it’s about fundamentally changing the way we interact with the world. The concept includes implementing a technology architecture with choreography across digital modular pods, the integration of existing digital APIs (payments, identity, health, etc.), knowledge systems and AI models. Digital value creation pods can be distributed across different clouds and have an independent maturity cycle.


AI using biometrics will enable invisible controls, new types of security, and invisible payments. Biometrically supported invisible digital identity is the new norm. User interface design will be disrupted, and natural language, visual data, and digital footprints will be the main mediums for unlocking value.

A woman using her phone for biometrics.

What's the need?

The tech trend towards “AI-led Experience” is fueled by the need to redefine and enhance digital experiences through the pervasive influence of AI models, assistants, and automated agents. The need stems from the growing expectation that technology solutions and apps will transform end-user interactions. AI, particularly the use of biometrics, is becoming the linchpin for introducing invisible controls, breakthrough security measures, and facilitating seamless, invisible payments. Incorporating biometrically enabled invisible digital identities is becoming the new standard, signaling a shift in how users engage with technology. The need for an overhaul of the user interface is obvious. Natural language, visual data, and digital footprints are becoming the key mediums for unlocking value in this new digital era.

Why Generative AI-lead experience for your customers?

The opportunity

The “AI-led Experience” revolution is upon us and presents a compelling opportunity for digital and software solutions companies to revolutionize user experiences. The opportunity lies in harnessing AI capabilities, including Large Language Models (LLM), to enhance wearables and digital assistants. The ecosystem is a woven tapestry of APIs, digital solutions, and the proliferation of 5G networks, which sets the stage for the next wave of improvements. Embracing the Web3 infrastructure extends this transformation into distributed applications, including the integration of digital avatars in the Metaverse.

A man using his VR device.

The AI-led experience enables

Invisible expereinces


Seamless integration of AI into the background for a frictionless user experience.

Immersive interactionstitle-underline

Improving user interaction by using AI to create immersive digital environments.

AI-assisted functionstitle-underline

Enabling AI to assist users with various tasks to make interactions smarter and more efficient.

Insights-driven decision making

 Using AI to gain meaningful user behavior and preferences insights.

Inclusive and accessible solutions
Using AI to develop accessible technologies to diverse user groups.
Transparency with personalization
A balance between transparency and personalization that puts users in control of their digital experiences.
Optimized and contextual experiences
Going beyond general personalization to provide contextual, real-time, optimized user experiences. 
We are on the cusp of a revolution where technology becomes an extension of ourselves, not a separate entity. Through next-generation AI and the dynamic interplay of wearables and distributed applications, we are pushed to make unprecedented use of data in real time and open a future of limitless possibilities. The future is not about screens and interfaces but about invisible intelligence woven into the very fabric of our lives. AI will be our silent partner, anticipating our needs and responding in real-time, empowering us to reach our full potential.
Rahul Mahajan
CTO, Nagarro

The “AI-led Experience” revolution demands a new architecture: modular pods, like digital building blocks, snapping together to create personalized experiences. Things like payments, identity, and health are all Lego-like modules seamlessly integrated and powered by AI models and knowledge systems. These pods perform across different clouds, evolving independently to meet your ever-changing needs. This isn’t just tech jargon, it’s a future where technology bends to your will, a digital playground where you’re the architect, building experiences as unique as you are.

The shift

fingerprint sign with a abstract background

Invisible controls and security

Using AI, particularly biometric data, to establish invisible controls and develop new types of security measures, including invisible payments.

people working on UX design

User interface redesign

Transforming traditional user interface design by prioritizing natural language, visually captured data and digital footprints as the primary means of unlocking value.

An image showing a woman using a VR headset

Smart wearables and assistants

Enhancing the capabilities of wearables and digital assistants by integrating new AI capabilities, such as Large Language Models.

Image showing connected ecosystems in an abstract background

Connected ecosystem

Leveraging the interconnectedness of various APIs, digital solutions and the 5G network to improve the overall digital experience.

image showing Web3.0

Web3 integration

Extending the transformation into distributed applications, including the integration of digital avatars into the Metaverse.

A man using his VR device for more experience.

Invisible, immersive, and insights-driven experiences

Prioritize seamless, engaging experiences based on meaningful insights derived from user behavior.

AI experience Inclusive and transparent solutions

Inclusive and transparent solutions

Ensuring inclusion and transparency in digital experiences with a focus on personalization aligned with user preferences and expectations.

The digital future isn’t about reacting; it is about knowing before you ask. Imagine a technology that reads your mind and anticipates your needs before they even arise, like a digital mind weaving a personalized tapestry of experiences. This is the “AI-led Experience” - a world where your every desire is seamlessly fulfilled by a dynamic, adaptive, AI-driven landscape.
Discover the future of experience: explore generative AI!

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