chicago.jpg Chicago, IL
commas-icon I love ‘Windy City’ for its energetic nature, colorful culture and amazing artwork. It has an incredible skyline, great beaches and is an international business hub - a perfect city to live.
Mr. Anurag Vashisht
atlanta.jpg Atlanta, US
commas-icon I love Atlanta because of the richness of diversity and culture. There is an energy, a certain “vibe” in this dynamic city that is very unique in everything from business and sports to the arts and education.
Mr. Dan Kehoe
gurgaon.jpg Gurgaon, India
commas-icon Growing at a breakneck speed, the Millennium City is fuelling India’s growth, and dreams!
Ms. Monika Gupta
jacksonville.jpg Jacksonville, US
commas-icon Plenty of sunshine, white sandy beaches, movies under starry nights – Jacksonville, like the Disney world close by, offers limitless fun!
Mr. Sachin Thapa
jaipur.jpg Jaipur, India
commas-icon The state capital is transforming from a Heritage City to a world class Smart City with trade parks, economic zones and the like. It is exciting to be part of arguably the fastest growing non-metro - an amalgamation of old and new.
Mr. Kapil Gupta
Business Solutions
leipzig.jpg Leipzig, Germany
commas-icon I like Leipzig's centuries old but daisy fresh musical tradition, its countless historic buildings, and to paddle down its miles-long rivers and water lanes.
Mr. Manfred Teuber
london-uk.jpg London, UK
commas-icon A living breathing organism, in a state of constant flux, London is a truly international city that embraces cultures and makes them part of its rich tapestry.
Mr. Richard Wheatley
monterry.jpg Monterrey, Mexico
commas-icon I love Monterrey because this is where the true entrepreneurial spirit of Mexico resides. The pulse of this city is simply contagious - a melting pot where modernity is in perfect combination with our traditions.
Mr. Rodrigo Cruz
Munich.jpg Munich, Germany
commas-icon I love Munich because it is home to four generations of my family! Surrounded by lakes, it has a number of historical buildings and abundance of green spaces – a rarity for an international business center!
Ms. Claudia Zott
Project Management
newyorkcity.jpg New York City, US
commas-icon I love NYC because it is home – a crazy, loud, maddening, fascinating, exciting, and incredibly wonderful home.
Ms. Cindy Wolf
bayarea-us.jpg Silicon Valley, US
commas-icon A heavy concentration of super-intelligent people, electrifying energy and breath-taking natural beauty make the Silicon Valley a place like nowhere else to live in.
Ms. Sheenam Maheshwari
Customer Solutions
sweden.jpg Stockholm, Sweden
commas-icon I love to call the stunningly beautiful Stockholm my home for its lush green archipelago, no-hassle transport, smart yet kind people and the most FIKA. It's like living in a dream.
Mr. Reeju Ritesh
Account Manager
timisoara.jpg Timisoara, Romania
commas-icon A melting pot, Timisoara is a city that welcomes everybody into its folds, providing a rich multicultural experience, and ample opportunities for all.
Ms. Izabela Leca
Project Management
vienna.jpg Vienna, Austria
commas-icon I like Vienna for its crazy flea markets, opera houses, concert hall with a very vibrant music scene, and of course its museums and galleries!
Ms. Anita Roschitz
Copenhagen2.jpg Copenhagen, Denmark
commas-icon I love Copenhagen for its architecture, peace and harmony. It’s like a village with all the upsides of a city. Housing the oldest monarchy in the world, Copenhagen is a vibrant and creative home.
Mr. Michael Møller
Sales Director
norway.jpg Oslo, Norway
commas-icon Norway’s capital is a fast-changing city with a forward-looking, liberal culture. When we add close proximity to recreational forest areas and the beautiful Oslo-fjord to the mix, it makes for a truly great place to work and enjoy life.
Mr. Eirik Valen
Sydney Sydney, Australia
commas-icon Sydney is vibrant and exciting. A great location with the iconic Harbour Bridge, beautiful Opera House, nice weather, famous beaches, and a melting pot of various cultures.
Mr. Tarun Madan
Business Solutions and Engagements
Melbourne, Australia Melbourne, Australia
commas-icon Melbourne has been voted as one of the world's most liveable cities for many years in a row. It is young, alive, entertaining and a great place to work.
Mr. Sharad Limaye
Espoo, Finland Espoo, Finland
commas-icon When I first saw Finland in photos, I thought there’s no way a place can look so beautiful. When I arrived here, I realized that it most certainly can. Helsinki is a designer's heaven and Lapland is a nature lover's dream.
Mr. Manish Shivhare