Travel and Logistics

Increasing competition, intense pricing wars and the resulting commoditization has shifted the battles in the travel and logistics industries. The fiercest competition today is in the leveraging of technology to win the customers’ hearts and minds on one side, and to squeeze out some margin points on the other. But the modern day customer is not easy to please – she is armed with information, her expectations are high, her purse strings tight, and her loyalty fleeting.

We have considerable experience across the spectrum of this domain – from business simulation and maximization, to operations and logistics optimization tools, to customer- and partner- facing applications. We leverage this experience to develop innovative solutions for global airlines, travel companies, railways, hotels and logistics companies that help them understand their customers, and serve them well.


Apart from our standard services, our special offerings for this vertical include:

Big Data and decision support solutions
Our analytics solutions allow travel and hospitality companies to unlock value from the large volumes of transaction data that they possess as well as the large amount of unstructured data available from other sources such as website interactions, social media, magazine reviews and so on. This can be used to drive better service offerings, underpin loyalty programs and build stronger relationships with each individual customer. We also use simulation and various types of mathematical optimization to improve pricing, promotional, operational and investment decisions. Our technology partners in this space include SAP HANA and Marklogic.
Real time vehicle route optimization
Developed for Lufthansa Technik but potentially available for non-competing companies, our powerful, fast-running vehicle routing optimizer can schedule a steady stream of diverse transport orders with highly varying delivery windows. There is support for real time traffic data, finite vehicle capacities, driver shifts and certifications, station open and close times, and delivery-SLA based working. The system includes support to send automated instructions to drivers using preferred handheld or mobile devices but also allows dispatcher overrides.
Station and facility monitoring
Our SCADA X-SIGHT solution provides an intuitive, web- or mobile-based monitoring and control platform for complex devices at stations, airports, and the like, and allows a smooth integration of different types of equipment by the use of generic interfaces. This system is used by Munich city Stadtwerke for monitoring and control of almost 1,000 elevators and escalators in all the subway stations, and connects to the control center as well as to the departments for management and maintenance processes. It also connects to SAP and to the customer information system MVG-ZOON. A similar system was developed for the monitoring and control of escalators, elevators, fire damper control, fire alarm systems, air conditioning and ventilation equipment, lifting equipment, water pumps, flow meters and other types of installations in more than 40 metro stations in the German city of Essen.
Mobile solutions for material tracking
Our IDLogSuite suite comprises pre-built and highly adaptable components and powerful tools that facilitate fast and flexible implementation of mobile solutions in the areas of inventory, logistics, service, and product tracking. IDLogSuite can be used with barcodes, RFID tags, or any other part tracking mechanisms.
Solutions for small and charter airlines
We support Paxport and its solutions for ancillary revenue and passenger management that are directed towards small and charter airlines.