Brennpunkt Innovation: Warum IT Teil der Lösung ist

30.05.2017, written by Damianos Soumelidis

Categories: Innovation

Fast wie eine Drohung kommt der Aufruf zur Innovation heutzutage über Politik, Unternehmen und die Gesellschaft insgesamt. Zweifelsfrei sind massive strukturelle Veränderungen - Stichwor...

A CIO's guide to managing exponential growth in life-sciences organisations

7.04.2017, written by Ashish Gupta

Categories: Life-sciences, HealthCare, Playbook, CIO

Revenue management as a differentiator in an on‑demand world

24.03.2017, written by Vinayak Naik

Categories: Revenue Management

In an on-demand economy, every business is a revenue-management business. As industries get disrupted by the change in consumption models, the opportunities for both the challengers as w...

Delivering successful IoT projects – An Insider’s View


Categories: IoT, Internet of things, Wearables, Partnership

IoT projects demand a new type of consulting approach, one that encourages an intense collaboration between domain experts and IT consultants. This approach needs to bring together the b...

IOT 101: A primer on Internet of Things


Categories: IoT, Internet of things, Sensors, Wearables

The Internet of Things (IoT) has become a popular buzzword around technology forums and organizations in recent years. But, how many truly understand the IoT system? IoT consists of a com...

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