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A universal health score? A peek into the future of health insurance

Thursday, October 21, 2021

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Manoj Kumar Pandey
Associate Professor of Insurance and Marketing, BIMTECH

Technology is creating immense possibilities in simplifying the healthcare/insurance domain. The concept of a universally accepted health score for individuals is a great idea. I was privileged to be a part of the discussion on this topic in the panel talk organized by Nagarro.

Dr. Sandeep
Dr. Sandeep
Head of Insurance, Pristyn care

It was a wonderful experience having multiple senior professionals from different portfolios on a single platform.

Nagarro has organized an outstanding event that helped us understand health insurance innovations and health score significance.

Such events spread awareness and lead to exemplary services to customers and enhance the patient experience, a key factor of today's era.

Sastry SriKrishna Bhagavatula
Independent Consultant, Ex - Managing Director, Insurance CoE Accenture

Universal health score has immense potential, but the prerequisite for effective implementation is centralized digital health records to ensure completeness and credibility to avoid selection against insurers. There are concerns around privacy, but informed consent may be used as the basis of data processing.

The meetup panel had a good mix of experts, which made it an enjoyable and learning experience. Probably the panel discussion could be of one full hour.

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A universal health score? A peek into the future of health insurance

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