White Paper


Software development with outsourced partnerships can make or break your software success. Finding the right partner and establishing careful terms for the shared enterprise will be critical. What’s the best way to evaluate prospective software partners Which factors are key

This white paper from Nagarro offers perspective on several important issues, as you compare possible partners to augment your software capabilities. In addition to providing deeper insight, this paper also contains a comprehensive scorecard to help you evaluate the various software development companies you are considering. Finding the right match between your needs and the partner’s capabilities can make the difference between success and failure.

Written for enterprises seeking software development partnerships, this white paper…

  • Helps you stay alert to “blind spots” in your software partner selection process;
  • Provides tactics to help reveal key qualities in the candidates you’re considering;
  • Includes a comprehensive scorecard, to help you systematically compare your options.

Customer Testimonial

Nagarro has enabled HKMP Technologies to outpace our competitors, putting our product years ahead of anything else on the market. Our Nagarro team went beyond building the product to taking a personal interest in understanding our business and ensuring the success of every customer deployment. We look to Nagarro as a model for best practices company-wide.

Stephen R. Barrett, Partner

HKMP Technologies