blitzzcar bets on Nagarro as their technology partner


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Car Free Day: Nagarro shows the way


Delhi's air is the most poisonous in the world. The particulate matter in the air is often 20 to 30 times the levels deemed safe by the WHO. In light of this, the World Car Free Day came as an opportunity to highlight the adverse impact of cars on the air quality of our metros.

Nagarro is participating in Microsoft TechDays 2015 at Stockholm


Microsoft Sweden is organizing Microsoft TechDays, one of the largest IT events in Sweden, for the sixth time in October this year. It is a two-day conference on 21st-22nd of October at Stockholm, with one pre-conference day that includes both national and international speakers presenting to developers, IT professionals and IT managers. The purpose of this event is to allow the participants to expand their knowledge on Microsoft products and solutions.

100 percent Cloud: Nagarro and conwert make cloud visions a reality


Vienna, 09 July 2015 – Conwert Immobilien Group appointed cloud and management services specialist Nagarro with the migration of the company’s IT to the cloud. It seems a suitable task, since Gutmeier has already migrated the ERP-system as well as the planning and reporting application to the cloud for over 300 legal entities already. In cooperation with Nagarro Hannes Gutmeier, Head of corporate IT, will be transferring all remaining services and infrastructure to the cloud by the end of 2016.What was considered a futuristic vision merely two years ago, has thus become a business reality: A company with around 500 employees, listed in the ATX, is currently migrating all of its IT – including email, mobile device management and in-house business applications – to the cloud.

“Nagarro stands for a new corporate type: a company with a global footprint, but agile and highly independent local teams.” - Manas Fuloria


The Telecom & IT Report met with Manas Fuloria, who founded Nagarro almost 20 years ago, and Damianos Soumelidis, its Austria CEO. They talked about how IT has always been the major driver of change in the economy and why agile companies are best suited to tackle today’s business challenges. You can read the complete interview here.