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Frankie Roche
Country Manager, Salesforce
Frankie manages the markets within the Mediterranean space for SMB businesses. He has a vast experience with key clients globally and has implemented top-down structures, developed operating rhythms, and rolled out training programs to suit client needs. Frankie believes a positive outlook, consistency, adaptability, and innovation are the key pillars to deriving substantial results.
Michael O'Grady
Michael O'Grady
Sales Director, Salesforce

Michael O'Grady has almost 20 years of experience in leading software businesses where he has been helping companies transform during this 4th industrial revolution and helping them innovate. Michael joins us on this webinar to share the 'Why Salesforce' story, as well as why one should consider partnering with both Salesforce and Nagarro.

Sunny Mohla
Principal Solution Architect, Nagarro
Sunny is a consulting architect on the Salesforce platform at Nagarro and holds strong implementation expertise in Salesforce service cloud, sales cloud, APEX, Visualforce, Microsoft Technologies, CRM, Salesforce development, and application migration. He believes in coming with a broad perspective on potential issues, bringing innovative ideas to the table, and building impeccable solutions.
Shipping to the new normal

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