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Step up to the next level of future-proof quality assurance



Khimanand Upreti_Nagarro
Khimanand Upreti

Khimanand Upreti has more than 18 years of experience in software testing and holds a university degree in Computer Science. Since 2011, Khimanand Upreti has been part of Nagarro and is co-leading the global business unit "Accelerated Quality and Test Engineering," in short: AQT. His passion for testing is focused on new digitalization topics, such as testing artificial intelligence or quality assurance of chatbots.

Hannes Färberböck_Nagarro
Hannes Färberböck

Hannes Färberböck is a Nagarro co-founder and responsible for the global business unit "Accelerated Quality and Test Engineering", in short: AQT, which he established. In his long career as a consultant, trainer, and entrepreneur, he has done innovative pioneering work in the areas of quality, OOP, architecture, and agile development processes and passionately strives for the highest quality in software projects.

Step up to the next level of future-proof quality assurance

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