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Code Risk Indicator – look before you leap!



Thomas Steirer_Nagarro
Thomas Steirer

Thomas Steirer is a test automation architect from Vienna with more than 15 years of experience. He has developed numerous automation frameworks and solutions for a variety of industries and technologies. At Nagarro, he supports clients implementing test automation and building scalable and sustainable solutions that add value. He is also passionate about using artificial intelligence to make test automation even more efficient. In his spare time, he teaches at universities in Austria and is an enthusiastic Gameboy musician.

Thomas Schweiger_Nagarro
Thomas Schweiger

Thomas Schweiger is an AI and ML enthusiast with a strong background in test automation. He has been with Nagarro for more than three years, working with multiple test automation frameworks and writing his masters thesis in the field of machine learning supported software testing. He is passionate about making the daily life of testing teams more convenient with the help of artificial intelligence. With his positive attitude, he wants to create technology which makes a difference.

Matthias Wögerbauer_Nagarro
Matthias Wögerbauer

Matthias Wögerbauer is a fervent software developer and has been part of the Nagarro family for over three years. He focuses on developing clean and maintainable code. He’s passionate about fast response times, requirement changes, and creating minimal viable products (MVPs). Aware of the high standards set for present day apps, he is deeply invested in test-driven development (TDD), design patterns, and clean code. He believes that, with solid teamwork, a big helping of creativity, and a pinch of humor, developing a good product is not hard at all.

Code Risk Indicator – look before you leap!

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