Resilience Engineering: Using chaos to elevate your customers' experience

Tuesday, April 27, 2021
11:30 am - 12:30 pm EDT


Uma Mukkara_ChaosNative
Uma Mukkara
CEO, ChaosNative

Uma Mukkara is the CEO of ChaosNative. He is a contributor to the open-source community and maintains the CNCF chaos engineering project - Litmus. He was the keynote speaker at the recent Chaos Carnival conference. Uma is a chaos engineering advocate, and a frequent speaker at events, meetups, and conferences related to SREs, reliability, and chaos engineering.

Yury Nino Roa_
Yury Niño Roa
SRE Technical Program Manager, ADL Digital Lab

Yury Niño Roa is an SRE Technical Program Manager, a Professor and Researcher, a Chaos Engineering Advocate, and an active promoter of the practice in the Spanish community. Yury is a contributing author to the just-launched Security Chaos Engineering report by O'Reilly. She has delivered talks at several conferences, including the one at Chaos Conference'20.

Dushyant Anoop Sahni_Nagarro
Dushyant Anoop Sahni
Practice Head - ISV and Horizontal Tech, Nagarro
Dushyant is responsible for the Global ISV market segment and Horizontal Tech at Nagarro. He is a tech evangelist and an advocate of chaos engineering. He brings rich experiences of building products on diverse horizontal technologies like IAM, CPQ, CRM, and more.
Resilience engineering: Using chaos to elevate your customers' experience

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