ISTQB Certified tester foundation level  |  LANGUAGE: GERMAN

The ISTQB® training program is a professional education and training in the field of software testing. The training is an ideal start for all those who are involved in software testing or who want to acquire a basic knowledge and understanding of the subject. It forms the cornerstone of the software test training program of the ISTQB® and is a prerequisite for the advanced ISTQB® Certified Tester Advanced Level. 

  • Basics of software testing 
  • Testing in the software life-cycle 
  • Static test 
  • Test case design process 
  • Test management (organization and test process) 
  • Test tools 
  • Software-Tester 
  • Test Analyst 
  • Test Manager 
  • Test Specialist 
  • Software developer 
  • Project Manager 
  • Quality manager 
  • Head of IT 


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