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success story

Ensuring quality consistency across global supplier ecosystem

Standardized quality checks upstream and downstream and real-time updates on critical success KPIs for a leading packaged meat company
Suppliers were spread across the globe and were often unaware of all the health and safety regulations of the target market. It wasn’t easy to control the quality checks and ensure all suppliers maintained consistent quality standards.
By creating a digital model for the entire process, the client got a bird eye view of the entire value chain from farm to shelf. They created inspection points across the value chain and assigned those to the suppliers. The client received real-time updates on the data entered by the suppliers and were notified when the supplier missed an inspection. By obtaining regular updates, they could accept or reject accurately before the product was shipped to the market.
More than 60% improvement in ‘Right-First-Time’ and a significant reduction in variation. By standardizing the process, the client experiences reduced customer complaints - less than 1 per million pounds sold. With valuable information on the long-term capability of its suppliers, the client could offer incentives for better performance.