Harnessing the power of SharePoint

B2B collaboration portal for physicians

Distributed physicians network needed timely, consistent communication

AMSURG Corp. is a nationally recognized leader in the development, management and operation of outpatient surgery centers.

As a partner to a growing network of physicians, AMSURG ensures high-quality, costeffective patient care for the many common procedures handled at its surgery centers. In order to achieve this, AMSURG must keep its physicians' network up to date on current clinical and operational best practices.

Historically, AMSURG field staff used phone, email and in-person communication to support its network of partner physicians located in 33 states across the US. However, the volume of data that needed to be shared with physicians was becoming too large and too complex to convey without the use of additional tools.

Adding to the challenge was the fact that physicians in the network had varying levels of technology experience, making it difficult to find a one-size-fits-all solution. read more...

SharePoint 2013-based online physicians portal

Nagarro's SharePoint Consulting Services team brought its expertise to AMSURG's vision and developed an online portal to enable physicians and field staff to access critical data in a self-service model.

Key features of the portal

  • Enables physicians to receive information on the most beneficial clinical best practices.
  • Presents financial information for each surgery center, and provides a mechanism for AMSURG to share company news and updates on time.
  • Provides access to online videos and other educational tools that enable AMSURG field staff to communicate complex information to physicians clearly and consistently, either remotely or in person, depending on the physicians' needs.
  • Offers SharePoint social features including MySite, user feeds, micro blogging, discussion forums and communities.
  • Offers optimized content presentation based on the specialty of surgery centers.
  • Offers taxonomy based content filtering, dashboard panel with publishing and calendar temples, and a host of other features.

Streamlined communication and improved efficiency

  • Raised the quality of care and patient satisfaction across all AMSURG centers.
  • Eliminated manual, paper-based processes, allowing physicians real-time online access to critical financial and reporting data.
  • Reduced inbound inquiries from physicians, allowing AMSURG operations team to focus on proactive projects.read less...

“Nagarro brings an unexpected level of insight and creativity to each project. They have impressed us with the ability to translate our big picture concepts into concrete deliverables that address our core business needs.”




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