A secure and scalable solution for airline crew members and ground staff to limit overheads.

Air hostess helping a kid to fasten his seatbelt

Nagarro understands that airline crew forms one of the biggest components of the costs and crew management is critical to the success of any airlines business. The airline crew is not only important for providing high quality services but have the maximum in-person contact with passengers as well, helping to derive critical information to influence passenger experience. We have experience in developing solutions that aim to minimize inefficiencies in the area of crew meal, crew bid management, and crew communication. The application is handy for better scheduling and streamlining the crew processes, therefore enabling the crew members to service the passengers more efficiently and effectively.



The crew members, including flight attendants, pursers, cockpit staff and ground staff, use traditional paper-based methods of communication to connect with each other for formal or informal information transfer. The traditional methods limit the provision and distribution of information as they require both sender and recipient to be physically present to pass on the information and thus are slow and have a high cost overhead.



An iterative and evolving model can be setup to continuously release application and gradually reduce the overheads. Various obstacles are identified and after continuous brainstorming the application development is characterized into several phases with each phase adding incremental value to the product. While the first phase only targets a specific set of users, the application evolves over time to include all users and scale-up with new features.



Nagarro has developed several solutions to streamline the crew management process for airlines. The solutions have helped crew members establish easy communication with other crew members and ground-staff, and simplified the bidding process for crew rosters. Some of the key areas in which Nagarro has worked in crew management include:

  • Crew bid management
  • iPad application to deal with on-flight regularities and crew roaster detailing seating map, passenger meal preferences, etc.
  • Role-based instant messenger for crew members with the ability to send text and picture messages and support IGCC calling for iPhone app users and message queuing and re-sending capability in an unstable in-flight network.