Optimize logistics processes and support day-to-day, hour-to-hour, minute-to-minute tracking and delivery

Simplify logistics process

We are preferred strategic partner to several firms in the logistics domain and expertise in developing applications that help organization optimize their logistics processes and support the day to day, hour to hour, minute-to-minute tracking and delivery of packages across the world. ​​​As innovation partners, we have helped several of our clients develop disruptive solutions such as pick & stock using wearables, smart pallet optimization, and tracking, etc.



With the age of transformation, there has been a rapid increase in the complexity of the operations with environmental parameters, focus on optimization and new technological and digital solutions paving the way for this shift. There is a need for the firms to change their modus operandi and adapt with new technologies of service provision to grow their business.



We worked with our clients to identify the key areas which could help them harness the potential in new technologies. We established several touchpoints with an array of services in e-commerce solutioning and services in operations and wider supply chain management. Some of the key areas include shipment creation, processing and tracking, inter-modal operations, fleet management, supply chain planning, and supply chain optimization.



Our diversified portfolio of B2B and B2C cargo solutions helps travel agents and customers book and track the shipment in real-time. The solution helps air freighters transform their business by renovating complex algorithms into intuitive and easy to manage templates. From forming a core part architecture group to setting-up QA centers, we have developed systems to process e-file information such as data extraction from FTP, data de-duping, and data validation through customer profile verification, address validation, etc. and developing mobility solutions for our clients.