Simplifying group booking with digitization

Nagarro jointly developed a group booking solution with the client that simplifies group booking process and reduces the loss of revenue incurred due to missed penalties. Our developed solution offers a group booking tool to our customers in the airline sector. Being IP owners for the developed solution, Nagarro currently caters to the B2B segment in the domain and offers a scalable and customized solution to meet a diverse range of business requirements.



The business processes around group booking are time consuming and error-prone due to the high level of manual effort involved. It presents various challenges ranging from loss of revenue due non-collection of incurring penalties to inefficiency in customer management, with each request fulfillment consuming time from various divisions. Involvement and approvals from several divisions have made group booking a cumbersome process for both travel agents as well as the airlines, leading to loss in potential bookings and revenue.



A waterfall model with a short delivery cycle was setup to develop the desired solution. A team of 35 experts was hand-picked to ensure the best technologists and domain experts work on the project. After hours of brainstorming the solution was developed to best cater the needs of the evolving world of group booking. A hybrid delivery model with teams working across different locations was adopted to ensure timely development of the solution and a product ready release was developed within a period of 48 months.



An integrated and comprehensive solution was developed in Java and JSP to meet the requirements. The solution focused on minimizing the revenue loss and automating the process to enable the travel agents to make group reservations independently. The key features of the solution include:

  • Administration and registration
  • Approval, profile management and authorization
  • Requests and offer handling
  • Automated group reservation and PNR servicing
  • Contract management and contract fulfillment
  • Reporting and Communications