Sharepoint Modernization

Microsoft SharePoint continues to gain momentum as more businesses embrace the platform and users of older versions migrate to newer versions. According to Microsoft, 78 percent of Fortune 500 companies are SharePoint users. Whether businesses are using SharePoint 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 or a combination of versions, most organizations customize their implementations or take advantage of third party add-ons to more effectively support their unique requirements. Despite the popularity of SharePoint and as a result of unforeseen complexity, most companies are not satisfied with their SharePoint implementations. In fact, 61 percent of organizations recently surveyed by AIIM say their expectations have not been met or their efforts have stalled.

Nagarro helps businesses streamline their SharePoint modernization initiatives. With our assistance, companies can avoid many of the implementation challenges that commonly arise. Our comprehensive, end-to-end services help companies maximize the return on their SharePoint investments, lower TCO, and increase user engagement with the platform.

Nagarro shares SIAM’s appreciation of math concepts and the type of content we are dealing with. Not only did Nagarro have a vision for an advanced SharePoint solution, its engineers had the skills and experience to implement it expertly. Nagarro acted as a strategic partner to help us shift our entire IT culture from reactive to proactive. Ted Kull, Director of IT, Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM)

Ensure the Success of SharePoint and Office 365 Migrations

To help companies manage SharePoint migrations and migrations to Office 365 with greater ease and predictability, the Nagarro Center of Excellence developed the SharePoint Modernization solution that helps organizations drive more business value from their current and future SharePoint implementations.

Organizations across industries rely on Nagarro’s SharePoint Modernization Solution to save time, manage risks, get to market faster, and avoid unwanted outcomes. The four major service offerings of Nagarro’s SharePoint Modernization solution are:

  • SharePoint Rapid Assessment helps analyze and predict the effort and time required to transform and modernize SharePoint infrastructure in a few days instead of several weeks. It is supported by tools, accelerators, a knowledge base of proven methodologies and metrics-based estimation models that help us accurately assess the scope, plan and streamline SharePoint and Office 365 migration initiatives
  • SharePoint and Office 365 Migration uses a proven methodology developed by Nagarro’s SharePoint Center of Excellence to help companies move from older SharePoint versions or third-party content management systems to SharePoint 2013 and Office 365. The service uses best practices, templates, accelerators, and tools that resolve the most complex migration challenges.
  • Mobile Enablement of existing SharePoint applications to make them accessible on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices through native, hybrid and responsive/adaptive implementations.
  • Integration of SharePoint with other internal or external enterprise systems through messaging, REST, SOAP and other custom APIs.

For organizations with massive content or complex content management environments, Nagarro also has a Factory Model for ensuring the scalability SharePoint and Office 365 modernization initiatives. The Factory Model also helps organizations more effectively manage SharePoint and other technology migrations and achieve economies of scale.

Whether you are deploying SharePoint Server on-premise, moving to Office 365, or planning a hybrid implementation, Nagarro can help ensure a smooth implementation.

Manage Modernization Reliably

Nagarro’s turnkey approach to SharePoint Modernization combines tools and services to provide a complete end-to-end solution. The solution stack includes reusable components, frameworks, migration tools and support services for accelerated and smooth implementation of SharePoint modernization initiatives:

Manage Modernization Reliably

Nagarro can help you approach SharePoint Modernization with a higher level of confidence. From comprehensive early-stage assessments to planning, migration, enhancement, support, and maintenance, Nagarro has the expertise you need to deliver SharePoint on time, on budget, and in a manner that most accurately aligns with your company’s business objectives.