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Welcome to our virtual classroom – an online learning environment allowing you to interact with our trainer through videoconferencing and to work together simultaneously. With its easy to use, collaborative features and access from anywhere, virtual trainings are right on the pulse of time. Find out about our current training courses and chose the training that exactly fits your needs. If you wish to have exclusive online training for your employees only, we can also arrange an individual format tailored to your needs.


Our trainings

At Nagarro, we support you on a path to continuous innovation with training programs that are characterized by practical relevance. Our trainers are experts in their field and are actively involved in the project business. The training is given in public or through in-house training courses tailored to the needs of the individual. 

The success rate of our training is high. We measure the success not only if someone has passed the exam but how much knowledge the participant has gained from the entire journey. To ensure this in practice, our trainers provide additional coaching. Further, we also offer tailor-made training programs (in addition to public training) across our company premises on request. We can respond to your queries even more specifically through individual training. The training flows into personal questions and problems, creating an interactive & practical environment.

From consulting and analysis to development and quality assurance, we are partners for security, usability, and productivity of any IT project. The training offerings ideally complement our services.


Due to COVID-19 our trainings with personal participation (overview) are currently not available. But they will be back soon.. we'll keep you posted here! In the meantime, explore our new and exciting Virtual Classroom Trainings.

Our trainings with personal attendance are not held at present due to COVID-19 virus

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