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Quality Leadership Circle initiated by Nagarro

The Quality Leadership Circle (QLC) is an exclusive network that we have established in Austria for selected key players who want to make their company fit for the future. We host events for the QLC community three times every year. Participants exchange views on strategic developments, challenges, and opportunities in key fields of action in a small, trusted setting (maximum 20-25 attendees per event). Impulse talks and discussions on various innovation-topics along with the personal exchange of experiences provide valuable inputs towards achieving digital breakthroughs. In addition, the digital leaders also exchange information in a restricted LinkedIn group.

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recent events

Smarter services as new revenue generators
Smarter Services a new revenue generators

Aug 31, 2021 CANCELLED  |  Smarter services as new revenue generators
Have you been creating enough added value addition for your core business on new fronts or are you still trying to use modern technologies to quickly convert your data into additional business? Exploring business models along with smarter services and products are the key to success; the role of IT is more important than ever. Gunther Machu, HOERBIGER, tells the story of VISTRA, the digital repair assistant, right from the idea to its implementation, how they escape the commodity trap with this new digital business model and what enormous market potential can be tapped as a result.

Gunther Machu, Head of New Ventures Lab & Senior VP,

REMOTE Special: COVID-19 outbreak
REMOTE Quality Leadership Circle_Corona Outbreak

Apr 7, 2020  |  Coronavirus outbreak: short- and longterm measures
The outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19) has led to business interruptions with ongoing effects on business continuity, operations and growth. CIOs need to respond to the crisis with both short and long-term measures to provide rapid relief, increase resilience to future disruptions and prepare for growth. What is the role and responsibility of digitisation managers in the current crisis? What opportunities does IT offer to remain agile and competitive? What short-term measures should CIOs implement? What influence does the pandemic have on future IT or digitization strategies?

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Cloud, what else?

Feb 26, 2020  |  Cloud, what else?
Do offerings such as Software (SaaS), Infrastructure (IaaS) or Platform as a Service (PaaS) really deliver what they promise? How are they evaluated in terms of quality, profitability and risks? How does the mindset of Millennials and Generation Z, which are increasingly taking on the role of IT decision-makers, affect cloud strategies of companies?

Johannes Güntner, Leiter IT und Prozessmanagement
Wiener Komfortwohnungen GmbH

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Enterprise agility
Enterprise Agility_Quality Leadership Circle_Nagarro
Oct 29, 2019  |  Enterprise Agility
Only when an agile mindset has been consistently established in all areas of the company the true power of Agile can be unfold: Innovation & Speed, Adaptability & Sustainability and better collaboration. However, reality shows that IT and business departments still work according to different principles and do not share a common culture. What are the success factors for internalizing agility at all levels and achieving the full potential?
Robert Modliba, Geschäftsfeldleiter Operations
Österreichische Post AG
Leo Hintersteiner, CIO
LKW Walter Internationale Transportorganisation AG
Innovation beyond Technology
Innovation beyond Technology_Quality Leadership Circle_Nagarro

June 5, 2019  |  Innovation Beyond Technology
In today's world, innovations are a crucial element in securing the existence of companies. But the use of digital technologies is by no means everything. It needs space that allows innovation in the first place. But how do you create structures where creative thinking can unfold? How do you design organizations so that they can successfully meet the new digital challenges?

Richard Berger, Digitale Innovationen
ÖBB Business Competence Center

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