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Moving from eCommerce to Connected Commerce

10/5/2016, written by Kanchan Ray

Categories: eCommerce, Omni-channel

Omni-channel commerce is the latest trend in the B2C commerce space – for both online and offline retail. Today’s customers constantly move across multiple channels and they switch...

Becoming #omniagile: 3 ways to avoid losing opportunity and resources

6/6/2016, written by Yatin Bhatia

Categories: eCommerce, Omni-agile

The term “omnichannel” has been a buzzword in the retail industry for several years. Retailers have added more and more channels to their business paving the way for more opportunities...

Being omnichannel is being agile, #omniagile

6/3/2016, written by Tarun Madan

Categories: eCommerce, Omni-channel, Retail, Omni-agile

For any omnichannel strategy, it is important to strike a balance between supporting the ongoing business and looking for opportunities to grow the business. Omniagile means evolving...

Top 8 ecommerce site design mistakes to avoid

5/31/2015, written by Jasmeet Sondhi

Categories: eCommerce, User Experience

An ecommerce site that functions optimally can be a crucial asset to your business. Ecommerce sites should continue to heat up business with high expectations of viewers. However, a few...




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