Will this Banking Innovation Survive? Photo Bill Pay, One of Many Customer Improvements

6/16/2014, written by Pawan Prasad

Categories: Financial Services

Mobile imaging technology is one of many new innovations improving the customer experience in retail banking. We’ve all seen how “Remote Deposit Capture” (RDC) is growing in adoption,...

“Ingredients for Speed and Innovation” for Food and Beverages Industry

5/13/2014, written by Rohit Kumar

Categories: Events

Nagarro along with Infor were proud sponsors of the F&B focused event “Ingredients for Speed & Innovation” held on 7th May 2014 at Taj Vivanta, New Delhi. The event drew a huge interest...

Should Your Financial Services Firm Adopt Responsive Web Design?

5/5/2014, written by Girish Chhabra

Categories: Mobile, Financial Services

We hear this all the time from our banking and financial services clients “What about Responsive Web Design or Adaptive Design? Should we adopt this, or not?” It’s an important...

Five Questions to Help You Approach Outsourced Product Development With Offshore Companies

5/1/2014, written by Cindy Wolf

Categories: Product Development, ISV

Product companies looking for an outsourcing partner for software product development have a lot to consider. Finding the right partner is tough enough under normal circumstances.

"Red Light, Green Light" Sharepoint apps can speed up your ride, with little downside

4/15/2014, written by Sameer Jain

Categories: SharePoint

When I was a kid, I loved to play “Red Light, Green Light”. Freeze in place while the “light” is red, and run as fast as you can while the “light” is green, so you can advance to the...



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