Future vision: Digitization in the automotive industry

1/26/2017, written by Martin Hack

Categories: Digitization, Automotive

This is a non-exhaustive vision derived from various engagements in and around automotive industry clients, from large auto-OEMs to digital start-ups. Though not carrying exact...

The hitchhiker’s micro-guide to the Cloud

1/24/2017, written by Damianos Soumelidis

Categories: Cloud

What can be outsourced into the Cloud? How long are the lead times? And how do you go about it? There is a lot out there that can give you a breakdown of the what, when, and how; but...

Building the next-gen adaptive learning environments

1/19/2017, written by Michel Dorochevsky

Categories: IoT, Wearables, Education, Learning Content, Sensory Data, Visual Graphics

Wearable technology or simply wearables are smart electronic devices that can be worn on the body as accessories. In recent years, several types wearables such as wrist wear,...

Ever wonder what happens to your feedback survey?

1/18/2017, written by Cindy Wolf

Categories: Customer Feedback, Survey

Every quarter we send a survey to all of Nagarro’s clients asking them how we are doing across a range of parameters. A number of our clients are not sure what exactly happens after...

Forget 'out-of-the-box' thinking and explore the riches within

1/17/2017, written by Richard Wheatley

Categories: Innovation, Product Innovation

With headlines like “Apple under Tim Cook: A nicer company, but a better one?”, some people are questioning why 5 years into his tenure Apple has not delivered a breakthrough product....

Does the ‘Handshake Deal’ still exist?

1/16/2017, written by Martin Hack

Categories: Handshake Deal

Most probably, you all have discovered this phenomenon - you plan an important project (let it be a new kitchen, renovation of your flat/home, you move to a new city). You do not do...

Connecting the omni-channel jigsaw puzzle

1/12/2017, written by Kanchan Ray

Categories: Omni-channel, Big Data

I recently read a very nice book that I purchased from Kindle and wanted a few of my friends/colleagues to read that. When I recommended the book to them I also asked them to check if...

Risk Management: A fine balance of sharing

1/11/2017, written by Gulshan Kumar

Categories: Risk Mitigation, Negotiation

Every engagement has a host of uncertainties associated with it. These uncertainties bring in the risks to the engagement. When two parties contract with each other for an engagement,...

Shoot ‘em up… 1… 2… and 3

1/6/2017, written by Vikas Burman

Categories: Troubleshooting

Space Invaders - A vertical rectangular video game that is a digital representation of a battle between aliens. Not everyone might have played this, but it is understandable from the...

4 key considerations for an effective automation testing strategy

1/5/2017, written by Khimanand Upreti

Categories: Automation Testing

Considering the wide user base that a typical web application targets, the need to test software systems on many browsers, platforms and mobile devices has enhanced the testing scope...

6 ways to boost your social intranet adoption

1/5/2017, written by Amandeep Bansal

Categories: Yammer, Intranet, Enterprise Social

Why do employees who are hyperactive on Facebook become introverts on their company’s internal social networks? Is the lack of usage purely a ‘cultural’ thing? Why are some company...

Elevating provider engagement to the next level.


Categories: HealthCare, Engagement

The health care landscape is transforming at a fast pace with futuristic hospitals and physicians seeking more innovative ways to expand beyond the usual patient engagement. With...




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