A dynamic flight planning solution to improve efficiency and awareness


We are the technology partners for developing one of the most accurate and reliable flight planning and navigation solutions. Our capabilities include improving data visualization through rendering of mathematical data into dynamic maps. Over the years, our team has gained comprehensive knowledge of flight planning, dispatch operations, and flight briefing aspects in the airline industry. We have experience in running and successfully delivering multiple projects in this space including briefing applications, optimization, airport suitability, performance calculations, etc.



The changing dynamics of the market landscape has complicated the airlines task to optimize flight routes and provide operational flight data to necessary stakeholders. Airlines are often faced with a daunting task to select the most economically viable flight route which also ensures there are no law violations. Several parameters such as weather, ordering fuel, runway information etc. are to be considered while making the decision thereby making it a complex task for airline officials to select the optimum route.


We have created and re-engineered the flight planning and navigation system which currently serves 60+ airlines all over the world. The various areas of involvement include:

  • User Interface: Modernize and innovate GUI, Graphic I/O
  • Automation: Flight plan calculation
  • Optimization: 4D optimized (latitude, longitude, alt., time/velocity)
  • Visualization: Data regarding routes, vertical profiles, aeronautic data, weather, restrictions, etc.


Our experts developed a flight planning solution to the next level in optimization, automation and situational awareness helping airlines in achieving maximum operational efficiency and stability in a highly dynamic Air Traffic Management environment. Our experience also includes developing flight navigation solutions by improving data visualization through rendering of the mathematical data into dynamic maps. Our spectrum of designed solutions also includes mobile solutions that offer easy access to terminal charts and dynamically generate en-route maps as well as operational documents.