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What we offer

PPE Mask Usage Monitoring
Detects face mask usage violation at campus, finds red zones where mask violations occur, reads an individual’s face and stores it as anonymized ID (to ensure data privacy), sends real-time notification to the individual as well as the centralized vigilant officer.
Self Health Reporting
Mobile application for self health reporting, triggers workflow to run standard operating procedures when a high score health risk is reported by an individual, tracks social distancing and rings alarm when there is a breach in minimum distance threshold between two individuals, generates network list of individuals in close contact with a health risk individual.
Social Distance Monitoring
Captures social distancing between individuals at various locations, leverages existing infrastructure (CCTV cameras) to stream data and annotate for any violation, finds location clusters for heavy violation so that campus management can define new guidelines, defines custom exception lists so that individuals in them do not set off false alarms when they are on the move or breach threshold limit.
Integrated Dashboard
Integrated dashboard to view historical trends of violations at campus, real time monitoring at various locations to check for violations, triggering of custom workflows in case alerts need to be raised, console view to update configuration for change in thresholds or settings.

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