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Katja Piroué was born in Munich and has been working in the field of software quality assurance, requirements engineering, and process design since 1998, now in Vienna. She is an internationally sought-after expert on the above topics, both on a conceptual and implementation level, and also a trainer for usability (IBUQ), CPRE, and other seminars, as well as a lecturer and speaker. During her work as ScrumMaster and Kanban Coach for agile multi-projects she gained a lot of experience that she is now using in Agile Coaching in agile transformation processes to help customers with business agility. To support the transformation process, she works as a graphic recorder and visualizes meetings live.



App-cessibility and its pitfalls in a digital world
When creating apps, it is important to consider accessibility from the very beginning. This improves general usability and therefore every user’s experience while being cost-efficient.
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