Java Rapid Assessment

Nagarro’s Java Rapid Assessment service helps organizations derive more business value from their current and future implementations. Industry leaders successfully use the service to save time, manage risks, get to market faster, and avoid unwanted outcomes.

The Java Rapid Assessment service enables a well-defined, end-to-end migration process, ensuring that all automated migrations are well documented, commented, verified, and reconciled before the migration is complete. The predictability of migrations is further aided by our customized “Factory Model” wave-based implementation approach to large-scale migrations involving hundreds of applications. The Factory Model overcomes the challenges of scale and inter-dependencies among applications in the portfolio

Nagarro’s Java Rapid Assessment service involves a three-step process: Discover, Analyze and Recommend. The Discover step reveals the known and unknown details of Java applications, including their dependencies. Our proprietary tool jMod, scans the source code, entire java environment, configuration files, metadata, and other components and discovers the characteristics and details of applications, and generates a knowledge repository that aids assessment and analysis. Its automatic discovery is supplemented with information our consultants gather to produce a comprehensive knowledge base. Everything is accessible through a highly interactive visual dashboard.

The information gathered automatically and manually during the Discover phase is then analyzed to derive a set of recommendations. The recommendations serve as the basis for a plan and roadmap that drive the Java modernization effort.

What jMod Assesses and Analyzes

jMod uncovers important details that can impact the success of a Java Modernization effort. It assesses and analyzes the following:

  • Migration points
  • Code size
  • KLOC
  • The number of classes and methods
  • Duplicate code and libraries
  • Complexity
  • Best practices and potential bugs
  • The time and cost of the modernization effort

The tool set includes automated testing tools, automated static code analysis, process assets and templates, and application server upgrade tools as well as tools for automating the analysis and conversion of popular frameworks such as Spring-core and Hibernate ORM frameworks upgrade in addition to the core Java packages, JavaBeans, JAXB, JAXP, JDBC, JMX, JNDI, l18n, networking, security, GC, Swing, JavaFX, and RMI components from Java SE. Our extensive rules database of thousands of rules are continuously being enhanced to support other new and popular APIs. The pluggable and easily extensible mechanism allows us to add custom libraries and third-party libraries into the automated analysis quite easily.

jMod’s intuitive dashboard enables clients to easily comprehend the migration points, their complexity, and the effort required to migrate whether automated or manual.

jMod Dashboard

jMod Dashboard 

Everyday tasks often delay the timely migration from one version of Java to another. With Nagarro as your partner, you get access to the resources you need when you need them. With our assistance, you will be able to modernize your Java environment predictably, faster, more cost-effectively and with greater ease.