Java Modernization

The Java platform continues to evolve rapidly, with new versions released every few years. Most enterprises have developed a portfolio of Java applications that run business-critical processes. These businesses need to enhance their Java applications regularly so that they can remain competitive by deliver modern functionality that is secure provides the highest levels of performance.

Migrating to a subsequent release, such as Java SE 8, is a significant task. That version alone includes 10 major Java language feature additions, compact profiles for small devices, approximately 20 important security enhancements, and other enhancements related to JVM, concurrency, IO/NIO, i18m, security and performance. Upgrading to JDK 8 typically requires the modification of application code or configuration updates as a result of 29 backward incompatibilities, 11 API removals, and 14 deprecated APIs.

Nagarro’s ART Methodology

Modernizing Java applications can be difficult given the complex dependencies and the need for significant regression testing. Nagarro’s Assess-Renovate-Transform (ART) Methodology helps ensure the success of Java transformation and modernization initiatives using best practices, tools and accelerators.

During the Assess phase, our proprietary jMod framework automatically discovers and analyzes source code, configuration files, metadata and other components. The automated information discovery is then supplemented with interviews, documentation, and other information to create a knowledge base which is analyzed using tools and manual processes to construct a roadmap that aligns business objectives with project priorities.

In the Renovate stage, we help establish a governance and change management process and execute projects as defined in the roadmap. Common projects involve migrating Java applications, and retiring outdated applications.

During the Transform stage, we further build on the governance and change management processes, and establish specific metrics tailored for measuring the transformation of the application portfolio. We undertake business capability driven transformation, functional decomposition, and technical decomposition of the portfolio to re-build the Business Architecture all the way down to the Functional, Technical, and Infrastructure Architecture to support the transformed business. The functionality and information architecture of the java applications are re-engineered and emerging technologies are introduced into the portfolio so that re-engineered applications can take advantage of new technologies in the stack.

Ensure the Success of Java Migration

Nagarro ensures successful Java migrations by combining a unique migration methodology, accelerators, The Factory Model, and partnerships. The migration methodology allows Nagarro to execute Java migrations reliably. The accelerators are tools and components Nagarro developed to speed migration tasks.The Factory Model ensures that organizations can scale Java reliably. And finally, our partnerships with leading Java tool vendors ensure access to the best third-party tools on the market and our clients are not limited to the capabilities of any one product. Together, these elements enable a complete end-to-end migration solution that increases ROI and reduces TCO.

Nagarro’s Java Migration Methodology was developed by Nagarro’s Java Center of Excellence. It allows Nagarro to assess and analyze Java application usage and complexity so it can provide a migration strategy, project plan, and roadmap, design documents and prototypes, execute Java migration, validate migrated applications, and ensure a successful rollout.

Nagarro’s Migration Methodology

Nagarro’s Migration Methodology

To help organizations manage their migrations to newer versions of the JDK with the greatest possible ease and predictability, the Java Center of Excellence developed the jMod Java Modernization solution. jMod helps organizations derive more business value from their current and future implementations by providing a turnkey approach to Java Modernization that combines tools and services to provide a complete end-to-end solution.

The jMod solution stack includes reusable components, frameworks, migration tools and support services for accelerated and smooth implementation of Java Modern initiatives:

The jMod Solution Stack

The jMod Solution Stack

Nagarro’s Java Modernization Services

Nagarro helps organizations derive the maximum amount of business value from their Java modernization efforts. With our assistance, clients gain an accurate understanding of their current environment and are better able to understand how new features, security enhancements, performance improvements, and technology enhancements can be used for competitive advantage.
Our services include:

  • Assessment using platforms, tools and frameworks to accelerate the process, including risk assessment
  • Optimization
    • Performance optimization
    • Security optimization
  • Rationalization
    • Migration
    • SOA-based integration
    • Re-engineering
  • Rebuild
    • Mobile enablement
    • Cloud enablement
    • Business process re-engineering
    • Migration testing/Independent validation and verification
    • User experience redesign

Everyday tasks often delay the timely migration from one version of Java to another. With Nagarro as your partner, you get access to the resources you need when you need them. With our assistance, you will be able to modernize your Java environment predictably, faster, more cost-effectively and with greater ease.