Innovation Challenge Retrospective

Explore our previous editions and some exciting ideas!
Take a stroll down memory lane with Nagarro's Innovation Challenges over the years – where great ideas turn into real-world solutions.

What's the Innovation Challenge all about?

We invite companies across Austria to share their most exciting ideas on how to make things better using technology. It's a chance to turn "Wouldn't it be cool if..." into "Look what we made happen!" – That's because the winners of the Innovation Challenge will receive a tangible realitycheck of their digitalization idea worth up to € 50,000.

We launched the Innovation Challenge back in 2022, together with Google Cloud as our exclusive sponsoring partner, to foster the spirit of innovation and digital transformation in Austria. Since then, companies from a wide range of industries have taken advantage of this unique opportunity every year to get their ideas off the ground. And the next opportunity is just around the corner: Submit your idea for the Innovation Challenge 2024!

The Winners 2023

A group of people showing from voogle

Wiener Städtische


The customized search engine that delivers really useful results. Who doesn't know this... the search leads to a multitude of hits with a lot of irrelevant information. Sifting through them costs time and nerves. This is where Voogle offers the solution, as an AI-supported information platform for Wiener Städtische customers and employees. All insurance data and correspondence is searched and combined, with the required results being displayed within seconds.

Team from Nagarro and Salzburg AG

Salzburg AG


The goal is to provide customers with a simple path to the energy transition for a conscious use of networked energy for our world of tomorrow. A platform that enables different target groups, tenants as well as home owners, to become part of the decentralized energy production as well as energy optimization.

Team from Nagarro and FlughafenWien

Flughafen Wien


Passengers at Vienna Airport should be provided with an accurate preview of when they can expect to receive their flight's luggage when they arrive at the baggage claim hall. This provides certainty regarding waiting time and reassurance, which significantly improves the customer experience. Machine learning will be used to develop a model for the forecast that knows and incorporates all influencing factors.

The Shortlist 2023

  • A1 Telekom Austria AG: Lokation statt Frustration
  • Flughafen Wien: BagPredictML
  • Krone Multimedia: Holistic Content Discovery Service für Publisher
  • Rhomberg Holding GmbH: Q-tainer
  • Salzburg AG:
  • Saubermacher Dienstleistungs AG: Erfolgreiche Fahrt
  • Txture GmbH: Cloud-to-GCP Business Case Builder
  • Techem Messtechnik GmbH: Internationales Kundenportal der Techem – Innovatives Wohnungsmonitoring
  • Unser Ö-Bonus Club GmbH: Meine Einkäufe mit jö
  • Wiener Städtische Versicherung AG: voogle

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The Winners 2022

The team from Miba AG

Miba AG

"MIBA Smart Bearing System"

The "MIBA Smart Bearing System" is a plain bearing equipped with sensors that is mounted on moving components without an external power supply, transmits data to the cloud and uses ML to trigger recommendations for action to control the system.incorporates all influencing factors.

The team from Branter Green Solutions

Brantner Green Solutions

"Brantner AI and Robotic (B-AIR)"

"Brantner AI and Robotic (B-AIR)" is used for the fully automatic detection of valuable PET bottles from the general plastic stream in the separation plant with the help of artificial intelligence.

The Shortlist 2022

  • ANDRITZ AG: Cognitive Search for User Manuals
  • Brantner Green Solutions: AI and Robotik (B-AIR)
  • DPD: Automatisierte Klassifizierung der Auftragsdaten
  • HOERBIGER: Connected worker - digital documentation and reporting
  • Krone Multimedia: AI basierende Potentialanalyse für Artikel
  • Miba AG: Miba Smart Bearing System für Gleitlager mit Sensorik und ML

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