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Ushering in the era of Connected Travel

With Connected travel, you enable passengers to book every aspect of their travel experience seamlessly through easy-to-use customer-facing applications.

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Cutting-edge solutions can help streamline daily operations, making them more efficient and effective. By automating tasks and processes, operators can provide a hassle-free travel experience to their passengers as well as free up time and resources to focus on other areas of business.

Nagarro has a variety of solutions available to suit the providers’ specific needs of optimizing operations. We leverage the entire suite of technology and expertise gained through working with customers in different domains and use them all to help make the travel experiences of the connected traveler better. Powered by technology and data, these solutions are bound to provide an enriching experience throughout the entire journey of the passenger.

Through Connected Travel, we aim to make every journey memorable.

Why Connected Travel?

Our vision of Connected Travel is to bring together a suite of solutions consisting of Mobile, IoT, AI, CRM, predictive, subscriptive, and prescriptive analytics, and many more, to help providers offer travelers a smooth and seamless journey.

Sustainable mobility

Offer employee budgets for using public transport and benefit from incentives to meet the challenges of environmental concerns.

Company budget Subscriptions Vouchers Incentives Multi-modality ID/Account-based Ticketing
Sustainable mobility_Connected Travel_technology and data

Easy ticketing

Provide appropriate systems and cutting-edge solutions to help travelers book tickets easily.

Travel itineraries Multi-modality Mobile ticketing Virtual smart cards Loyalty Offer management Personalized pricing Travel deals Cash management Revenue split
Ticketing made easy_Connected Travel_technology and data

Targeted marketing

Provide the most contextual advertisements to your travelers and generate more ad revenues for your partners.

Customer profiling 360-degree marketing Digital signage platforms AI-based marketing analytics
targeted marketing_Connected Travel_technology and data

Efficient operations

Leverage the power of technology to make the operations smooth to ensure on-time service.

Predictive maintenance Smart maintenance Condition-based maintenance Digital fleet management Disruptions scheduling
Efficient Operations_Connected Travel_technology and data

Streamlined communication

Keep travelers updated and provide alternative options with information coming from all connected transport providers.

Disruption communication Map view Real-time information on disruptions, delays, & cancellations Station orientation & guidance Promos & special events Alternative route search
Streamlined communication_Connected Travel_technology and data

Comfortable travel

Enable travelers to upgrade seat, get assistance in case impaired, easily book meals, and access ancillaries and entertainment mediums.

Seating comfort & preferences On-board sales & communication Seat upgrades Meals Ancillaries Entertainment Luggage management
Comfortable travel_ Connected Travel_technology and data

Happy traveler

Customer satisfaction and retention ensured direct (via mobile app) and indirect (via social media) communication with travelers for feedback and complaints.

Customer satisfaction Compensations Pre/Post trip payments Incident management Customer feedback Cancel Rebook Refund Flexible subscriptions Simplified fare rules
Customer satisfaction_Connected Travel_technology and data

Our solutions for Connected Travel

We work with clients across hundreds of use cases to create tailored technology solutions for businesses.
“It is always a challenge to provide something new to users when you have to modify multiple systems to launch a new service or product. The main goal of starting to work with Omnitiq was to rely upon the standard features of a platform for most of our needs and add specialized features how we want – processes, pricing, after sales, etc. We wanted a way to focus on specific business requirements while avoiding major development efforts for standard distribution functionality.”
Dr. Hubert Kreutzmann

Principal Consultant, Omnichannel Ticketing, DB Systel GmbH

image 3

Success stories



DB Vertrieb
Travio (Check-in/Be-out)

Using the Integrated Mobility Platform as the back-end technology, Nagarro and DB Systel created Travio, an award-wining check-in/be-out solution, that allows customers to enter a public transit system with a valid ticket and just travel. The solution recognizes that the customer has entered and exited the system, thereby billing them monthly through an automatic process. The best prices are automatically calculated for the customer, either on a trip-by-trip or monthly basis. The solution provides the backend for customer management/customer care, payment, and billing.

German innovation award              RailTech Europe 21 Live_Award logo            Transport Ticketing Awards Logo


Integrated mobility platform use cases

ÖBB Postbus
Smart Maintenance

Nagarro helped ÖBB Postbus develop a breakthrough inspection solution by implementing cutting-edge Assisted Reality technology using smart glasses that eliminated manual inspection of new buses. An inspector can now easily conduct bus inspections in a handsfree manner using smart-glasses and voice commands, cutting down acceptance time by 30%. The project was awarded with TÜV Science Award and the eAward for developing one of the most innovative solutions in operations and maintenance.

TUV Austria Award Logo


Assited reality using smart glasses to eliminate manual inspection

DB Regio Bus
Wohin Du Willst

DB Regio Bus’s app Wohin Du Willst (Wherever You Want To Go) ensures that passengers can always see the array of mobility options available in their region and beyond. With different pricings, timetables, tariffs, and operators, the app was not able to manage pricing, ticket booking, and payment capabilities. The Integrated Mobility Platform provided the backend solution to sell bus tickets through the app, importing multiple pricing catalogues (with zones, stops, and tariffs) and providing valid offers for chosen routes (station to station). The integrated mobility platform successfully supplies the ticket to the customer through the Wohin Du Willst app.

Integrated mobility platform use cases

Accessibility Solution

Nagarro experts evaluated and leveraged digital assistants like smart glasses as an orientation aid for the visually disabled. During the pilot project, Upstream used Smart Glass technology powered by Low Energy Beacons for indoor positioning and navigation to build a smart solution for safe mobility. The solution uses a CMS that enables useful features like POIs, audio cues, heads-up information, weather forecasts, and other important insights.

digital assistants like smart glasses as an orientation aid for the visually disabled


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Connected Travel

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