Non-profits and Education

Advancements in technology have transformed the way non-profit institutions are interacting with donors, fundraisers, marketers, and information managers. Despite the vast pool of data, non-profits and educational institutions often struggle to streamline and effectively leverage this information. Some of the significant challenges include optimizing financial investments across the web, designing mobile solutions, using technology platform solutions, and employing the right marketing strategies for fundraising.

We at Nagarro help transform the non-profits' vision into reality with the right people, processes, and technologies in place. We enable our clients by streamlining their operations, measuring performance, and discovering opportunities for improvement.

Our specialized offerings for the non-profit and education sector include:

Process consulting to streamline IT operations

We bring in-depth domain knowledge of the non-profit sector in our software delivery models. Our globally connected teams help the organizations assess, develop, and integrate business processes and strategies to help them realize their mission and vision.
We help non-profit organizations streamline IT operations to meet the business objectives. Process consulting encompasses a broad spectrum of services ranging from strategizing an IT framework adhering to best practices in the industry, process implementation, risk analysis, security compliance consulting, and change management.

Analytics-driven performance measurement

Data is becoming more critical for non-profits as they strive to move beyond measuring program performance and demonstrate a broader social impact. Non-profits can use operational data not only to derive insights but also to predict and make informed decisions. Non-profits must commit to becoming data-driven, creating a data-centered culture and collaborating effectively with partners, donors, and others within their network.

Leveraging technology

We provide application development, maintenance, and enhancement services for applications and products getting used in your organization. We also specialize in integrating different CRM, accounting, and fundraising software to the client application or database.

Optimization and automation

Organizations now have access to more data than ever – transactions, demographics, profiles, social media, and many other forms. To generate ROI, non-profits are leveraging this data and building a variety of tools to optimize their campaigns. We help you ideate and execute strategies to deliver breakthroughs and produce quick results in your marketing campaign & other IT processes. This includes identifying and automating the process workflows to bring overall process improvements.