Media and Entertainment

As the entertainment industry marches towards the $ 2 trillion mark, its growth is accompanied by rapid democratization. Indie content creators have never had it so good. It is supremely easy for creative types to create and distribute content right into the hands(ets) of their audience and possibly even finance their projects through crowd-funding.

Incumbents need to reinvent to stay relevant amongst shifting delivery and experience platforms, disruptive business models, IP concerns, social media evolution and new marketing paradigms. They need to have their fingers on the pulse of content consumption patterns, rapidly adapt their offerings accordingly, and create sustainable business models around it – no mean task given the huge capital investments required in creating, marketing and distributing quality content.

This necessitates a flexible IT capacity across diverse technology and functional areas allowing for a quick resourcing of initiatives in keeping with shifting priorities. We work with some of the leading media companies to help them reshape their business models, build new delivery platforms, and stay one step ahead of the game.


Our specialized offerings in Media and Entertainment include:

Animation and VFX studio
We partner with Anibrain to provide high-end animation and VFX services in a global services model. Anibrain has worked on VFX and animation for movies like Harry Potter, Resident Evil, Invictus, Ghost Rider and The Three Musketeers.
Digital marketing
Our digital marketing platforms and analytics empower media companies to engage deeply with different customer segments.
Multi-screen design and development
Our UX consultants understand the intricate form-function dynamics in today’s multi-channel multi-screen world, and help media companies design applications that extend their reach while maintaining a rich experience. Our capability to build cutting-edge mobile platforms quickly and at reasonable cost comes in handy for our customers.