Rapid digitization has caused dramatic shifts in the education and publishing industries. It has disrupted distribution and made content available anytime, anyplace, anywhere on any device, often for free. Traditional channels of delivery are fast becoming obsolete. On the other hand, huge computing power and analytics are enabling business models that would have been a fantasy a decade ago.

These new models often centre on massive processing, customization and personalization for each ultimate consumer of information – the individual human brain.

We build customized platforms for major publishers and education players around the world that enable this atomized experience.


Our offerings for this industry include:

Big Data solutions
Our Big Data solutions empower you to unlock value from the large volumes of data that you possess, helping create improved and more relevant content offerings. Our analytics partners include MarkLogic™.
Course delivery and assessment solutions
We provide multi-channel course delivery and assessment solutions to educational organizations around the world, including for the OECD’s famous PISA program.