Summer Vibes 2023

Client get-together and Innovation Challenge Award Ceremony in Vienna, Austria

A celebration of the summer and innovation with our clients, partners and friends!

On June 19, as we ushered in the summer season, we hosted a client get-together and an award ceremony for Innovation Challenge 2023 at Labstelle in downtown Vienna, Austria.

Once everyone had settled down after the initial greetings, socializing, and mingling with the attendees, the next item on the agenda was the award ceremony for this year's Innovation Challenge, powered by Google Cloud and Nagarro. The excitement was rising with every minute as everyone waited with bated breath before the final revelation about which of the eleven finalists would get the coveted prize.

Big congratulations to the deserving winner Wiener Städtische Versicherung, who won the contest and a PoC of their digitalization idea worth €50,000! The second position went to Salzburg AG, followed by Flughafen Wien making the top three. Unlike other ceremonies, the fun doesn’t end there: We are now keen to support them in turning all these highly innovative ideas into reality.

It was quite a special Vienna evening, full of fine cuisine, groovy live music, and inspiring conversations in a relaxed atmosphere! Caring at its very best. 😊 


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Innovation Challenge 2023 winners

IC 2023_PLatz 1_WienerStädtische

Wiener Städtische


The customized search engine that delivers really useful results. Who doesn't know this... the search leads to a multitude of hits with a lot of irrelevant information. Sifting through them costs time and nerves. This is where Voogle offers the solution, as an AI-supported information platform for Wiener Städtische customers and employees. All insurance data and correspondence is searched and combined, with the required results being displayed within seconds.
IC 2023_Platz 2_Salzburg AG

Salzburg AG


The goal is to provide customers with a simple path to the energy transition for a conscious use of networked energy for our world of tomorrow. A platform that enables different target groups, tenants as well as home owners, to become part of the decentralized energy production as well as energy optimization.

Flughafen Wien


Passengers at Vienna Airport should be provided with an accurate preview of when they can expect to receive their flight's luggage when they arrive at the baggage claim hall. This provides certainty regarding waiting time and reassurance, which significantly improves the customer experience. Machine learning will be used to develop a model for the forecast that knows and incorporates all influencing factors.