Summer Vibes 2024

Client get-together and Innovation Challenge award ceremony in Vienna, Austria

A celebration of the summer and innovation with our clients, partners and friends!

On June 17, as we ushered in the summer season, we hosted a client get-together and an award ceremony for Innovation Challenge 2024 at Labstelle in downtown Vienna, Austria.

Once everyone had settled down after the initial greetings, socializing, and mingling with the attendees, the next item on the agenda was the award ceremony for this year's Innovation Challenge, powered by Google Cloud and Nagarro. The excitement was rising with every minute as everyone waited with bated breath before the final revelation about which of the 10 finalists would get the coveted prize.

Big congratulations to the deserving winner ÖBB Operative Services, who won the contest and a PoC of their digitalization idea worth €50,000! The second position went to Österreichische Post, followed by DECTRIS making the top three. Unlike other ceremonies, the fun doesn’t end there: We are now keen to support them in turning all these highly innovative ideas into reality.

It was quite a special Vienna evening, full of fine cuisine, groovy live music, and inspiring conversations in a relaxed atmosphere! Caring at its very best. 😊 


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Innovation Challenge 2024 winners

Innovation Challenge_Winner 1_ÖBB


"Real-time situation picture for the targeted deployment of security staff"

By recognizing the travel behavior and volume of the customers, a real-time situation picture is to be created. With this real-time situation picture, stations without customer traffic (there is no one at the station / there are no objects lying around) will no longer have to be approached or checked unnecessarily by security staff. This allows security staff to concentrate on those stations where a need for "security" has been identified.

Innovation Challenge_Winner 2 _Österrreichische Post

Austrian Post

"Post Knowledge Base"

The goal is to import the instructions for all basic Austrian Post processes into a RAG system and make its information accessible to all Austrian Post employees. The system should make their daily work easier, especially in helping new employees answer customer questions. Since every employee may not have access to a PC or speak German as their native language, the system is to be expanded to include Speech2Text and Text2Speech as well as a translation function.

Innovation Challenge_Winner 3_Dectris


"Automated AI-based prediction of protein structures"

AlphaFold, a generative AI framework from Google DeepMind, has revolutionized structural biology. By providing an amino acid sequence in text format, the 3D structure of proteins can be predicted with an astonishing level of detail. In this project, DECTRIS plans to use the GCloud-based AlphaFold AI to offer protein structure prediction as a service to its users and customers in the scientific and industrial research communities.