A state-of-the-art solution designed to align with customer’s vision, industry expertise and new technologies.

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We build solutions for various providers in travel domain to ensure smooth passenger management. We are well-versed with the intricacies for developing solutions which include online reservation platforms, group and bulk bookings, travel agency portals, in-flight entertainment & shopping, loyalty programs, and easy lounge access management.



The consumer of the digital age is not only price sensitive but demands a hassle-free experience as well, and customer expectations in travel is no exception to this. With the advent of new technologies, passengers today want a personalized experience right from his or her entry into the marketing funnel. Be it exploring options, making reservation, adding ancillary services, updating communication about the flight, check-in, airport experience, or post-landing experience; passengers expect uninterrupted business operations. Airlines need to develop new offering and evolve existing services to cater to the ever increasing passenger demands.



We have created a customer journey map with our clients for the passengers and identified various touch-points where we can shape the passenger’s travel experience. Some of the key areas we specialize in include:

  • Personalized marketing
  • Mobile & web reservation platform
  • Communication and ancillary service booking
  • Lounge management
  • Easy retailing
  • Pursor application for flight attendants



Nagarro has worked with several clients to develop omnichannel solutions which have helped them enhance customer experience and boost their return on investment. With our know-how of the airline legacy systems we have meticulously crafted our solutions to fit and enhance the current portfolio of applications used by our clients.