From publishing driven to data-driven—companies providing information services to different businesses are gradually transforming. This transformation brings a number of challenges such as aligning legacy channels into data-driven digital platforms, and managing data integration during mergers & acquisitions while integrating disparate systems.

Digital transformation requires keeping the ‘data integration’ aspect in the core of the solution. Integration of disparate systems gives rise to a number of concerns including those of security, data ownership and governance, and of course the issue of providing a single, seamless interface for customers (even though the solution comprises of many small microservices). Data sanitization and minimal disruption of legacy channels are other major issues for organizations undergoing digital transformation.

At Nagarro, we have helped many business information service customers achieve digital transformation without losing any business value of legacy channels. We aid customers to structure their content into data that can be managed in isolation and monetized in any combination. As a part of Nagarro’s SecurityFirst approach, we position data security at the core of the system and not as an afterthought.


Nagarro's BIS Offerings


Platform Development

Our teams work with clients to build customized platforms for data dissemination that allow multi-channel distribution of data and information through mobile, desktop, or web.

Content Monetization Consulting

We help design product catalogs and assist customers to build their custom subscription, enabling them to choose from a wide variety of products with ease.

Big Data & Analytics

With proven technical experience on various big data platforms, we work with customers to blend different data sets into one, build reporting solutions and provide insights into using advanced analytics.

Data Migration

We assist many customers in integrating datasets from different companies and pushing them through multiple global channels to monetize them on a single platform.

Cloud & Microservices

We help our customers in cloud migration and designing solutions for the cloud. Our team of experts have experience working in different cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, Google Cloud, and OpenStack.

Microservices is an ideal match for cloud solutions. Nagarro works with customers to design products based on microservice architecture which helps them to realize the full potential of cloud services and drive automated scaling behavior.

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