19 January, 2016 - 31 May, 2016

Morphic Fields – Christoph W. Band

All things are in the Universe, and the universe is in all things: we in it, and it in us; in this way everything concurs in a perfect unity.”
(Bruno Giordano)

We live in times of constant change: globalization processes, the abolition of boarders, and a growing awareness of a worldwide togetherness determine the thoughts and actions in our society. Hence, the search for a connecting element between all human beings is growing more important.
Christoph W. Band contemplates this problem in his works as he aims at disclosing, carving out and presenting various sorts of connections. Using a diverse range of materials, Band captures such phenomena during meditative and dynamic working processes and finally makes them visible on paper. His work is inspired by British natural scientist Rupert Sheldrake who claims the existence of invisible morphic fields inside and outside the body. These fields serve as connections between organisms, such as human beings, and thus make their way into Band’s works of art. At the contact points of the lines, new links and connections emerge, constantly revealing new fields and spaces.
In his work, Band often directs the eye of the beholder by marking more intense energetic fields with colors. By enlarging details of his drawings under the microscope, he once again encourages the beholder to look more closely and discover exciting structures. He does not solely point out the omnipresence of these complex connections but also their diverse manifestations. The variety of his work is inspired by a multitude of places, situations and moments in time: journeys and people as well as spontaneous emotions and atmospheres make their way into each piece and hence turn out to be unique and impossible to repeat.

For more information on Christoph W. Band got to: http://www.christophband.com

The Opening took place on the 16th of January 2016: Vernissage Morphic Fields
Gallery Morphic Fields