28 June 2016 - 14 November 2016

UNDER THE SURFACE - invisible programs - Michael Urban

Michael Urban understands the construction of human reality as an endlessly dynamic process, and through his artistic form of expression, he tries to reveal the symbolism of this reality.
Interpreting the meaning of this symbolism provides a kind of perception that is different from the one that springs from the rational knowledge of constructing reality.
The inner construction is a surface equal to a binary number system. The possibilities of interpretation, even of the most striking surface, are virtually endless and open.
Depicting everyday topics with a bold and colorful composition that hides these numeric codes is the guiding principle behind this collection, wherein this internal coding is creatively transported into view.
This artistic, constructional approach shapes into an interesting bracket around the world of information technology, through which the invisible is made visible. Despite the formal and philosophical aspects of this construction, the conversion remains practically open for any construction of reality.