08 October, 2013 - 04 April, 2014

Marina Cavlina-Koch: "VERLIEBT"

"I do not seek I find"
(Pablo Picasso)
In her work Marina Cavlina-Koch not only conveys what it means to be in love and her love of painting, but she furthermore explores the especially process of finding her motives focuses on the process of finding her motives.

While Marina was mainly focused on depicting objects and figures realistically in the early stages of her creative process, she now lets the materials and forms guide her. Her preferred technique is acrylic on canvas, especially in combination with other materials such as bitumen, paper and chalk.

Much like in a loving relationship Marina isn’t deterred by the incommodities and inconveniences in her work, but rather tries to find motifs in what seems to be formless. In this process curiosity, experimentation and the pleasure of painting are imperative for the artist. Consequently Marina doesn’t create her work by looking, but rather by letting it appear before her eyes.

For more information on Marina Cavlina-Koch go to http://www.marina-cavlina.at/ or contact: kunst@marina-cavlina.at