Nov 07, 2017

Evi Schartner - A Source of Light

My art is not bold. Each picture tells its own story, with a subtle message. My works invite the viewer to look twice to decode the message. I build bridges and connect opposites with my paintings.

Born in Salzburg, the artist Evi Schartner has been dealing with the experimental processing of watercolors since 2013. Characteristic for the lasting effect and impression of her works is the exciting interplay of lines, shapes and colors. The consciously chosen details aim at the creation and stimulation of individual impressions of the viewer through the clear composition of the picture.
All pictures are painted on hand-made paper. Evi Schartner likes to use unique material to create an extraordinary effect. In order to develop her personal style of painting and to learn about different techniques and styles, she consciously began to reduce her works to a graphic level. Thus she achieves a certain lightness in her pictures. Her art has already been successfully presented in London, Shanghai, South Korea, Miami, L.A. and New York. She also received several international scholarships.

More about Evi Schartner

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