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Nagarro team attends “Salesforce1 Developer Week” in Gurgaon

Gurgaon Salesforce developer group met for “Salesforce 1 Developer Week” on 1st May 2014 at Unitech Club Patio, Gurgaon. Salesforce1 Developer Week is organized by Salesforce.com worldwide  to introduce the developer community to Salesforce1 platform, primarily used for developing mobile applications.

Wir lernen Deutsch

In October 2013, we started our journey to add a new language to our armory. It was not an easy task as we had to make sure that our learning and usual office work go hand in hand. The classes were fun filled with not only studies, but were replete with activities, games & videos to drive home the basics of German language. Moreover, the course & course material are structured in such a way that we tend to learn the language as per the schedule with little deviations. With over 200 hours spent in classroom and many unaccounted hours at home, we finally cleared the A1 level exam conducted by Goethe Institute, a non-profit organization promoting the study of German language outside Germany. The exam was a mix of hearing, writing, reading & speaking abilities in German language.

“Ingredients for Speed and Innovation” for Food and Beverages Industry

Nagarro along with Infor were proud sponsors of the F&B focused event “Ingredients for Speed & Innovation” held on 7th May 2014 at Taj Vivanta, New Delhi. The event drew a huge interest from the industry with top level executives from companies such as Pepsi, Barista Coffee, Bikano, Field Fresh Foods, Kwality, Devyani Foods, Yum Foods and Rasna Beverages who shared their insights and expertise in the domain.

Should Your Financial Services Firm Adopt Responsive Web Design?

We hear this all the time from our banking and financial services clients “What about Responsive Web Design or Adaptive Design? Should we adopt this, or not?” It’s an important question, and well worth exploring your options. With the rapid proliferation of different device types (including cell phones, tablets, and personal computers), and customers demanding “on-the-go” access to their banking applications from their mobile as well as desktop devices, Responsive Web Design and adaptive design approaches are increasingly being used to address this challenging span of demands. By providing a single code base that can adapt its layout to a variety of screen resolutions, Responsive Design enhances the customer experience and keeps support and design costs in check.

Five Questions to Help You Approach Outsourced Product Development With Offshore Companies

Product companies looking for an outsourcing partner for software product development have a lot to consider. Finding the right partner is tough enough under normal circumstances.

"Red Light, Green Light" Sharepoint apps can speed up your ride, with little downside

When I was a kid, I loved to play “Red Light, Green Light”. Freeze in place while the “light” is red, and run as fast as you can while the “light” is green, so you can advance to the goal and win the game. Now that I’m working in corporate environments with Nagarro, I really appreciate the delight of smooth and speedy execution, with limited time out for “red light stops”. It’s not surprising that our experience working with SharePoint Apps reminds me of this childhood game, because there are so many opportunities for zooming ahead, and relatively few areas for “red light” slow-downs. Helping our clients reach their goals quickly and effectively is a rewarding journey for all concerned. Let me share a few examples from our experience at Nagarro, to help you finesse your deployment, and chart the smoothest path.

Disruptive IT Innovations in Retail Banking Have a Secret Sauce

After facing a crisis of declining consumer trust for the last several years, the worldwide banking industry is finally rebounding with growing consumer confidence, according to the 2014 Global Consumer Banking Survey. Released February 2014 by Ernst and Young, the survey reports 33% of customers show improved confidence with the global banking industry, up from 22% in June 2012.  Competitive banks have taken great strides to engage their customers more fully and across different channels. In the past few years, customer focus has increasingly led to banking innovations with stronger customer appeal, such as these:

SharePoint Conference 2014 – Highlights and Viewpoint

The recently concluded Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2014 was exciting, ground-breaking, and satisfying. It was for the first time that Nagarro was a sponsor and exhibiting at the conference. We received good traffic at our booth and met some very interesting prospects. Nagarro also showcased its SharePoint assessment tool called Share Assess which received a very positive response from the visitors. We also used the event to explore opportunities for partnerships with other vendors in this space.

Nagarro team presented Seamless Sign On paper at SAP Insider Track event

On 16th March 2013, Nagarro SAP Team (Rohit Kumar, Manna Das, Rahul Pathak) took part in the prestigious SAP Inside Track, held first time at Delhi. The niche event sees SAP Community Networ k (SCN) members coming together to share knowledge, expertise and do networking on the very latest in technology. The event was hosted by SAP Labs had a number of cutting edge papers that gave us an insight into the technology of the future. We were enthralled to be a part of the event and were fortunate enough to get a slot for presenting our paper on “Seamless Sign On” which we had implemented for a customer at Nagarro. Our paper was a breath of fresh air in a day that was mostly taken over by SAP HANA and Mobility. The whitepaper we presented is unique in the industry, for not much information is available on practical scenarios and actual results. Based on successfully implementing the “Single Sign On” scenario, we developed entire Corporate Executive Dashboard for our customer seamlessly integrating Microsoft Windows, SharePoint & SAP.

Nagarro Team attends SAP TechED 2013

Nagarro’s SAP team members took part in the SAP TechEd 2013 held in Bangalore, from December 11 – 13, 2013. The three day event hosted by SAP, was attended by over 6000 members and saw participation from over 400 companies.