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Java 8 - New Date and Time API

The fourth post in the series, the top most interesting features of Java 8 that make its adoption worthwhile for the enterprises, divulges the features of the new Date and Time APIs which are thread-safe and have better API design.

Cloud Computing will disappear

Cloud Computing as we know it may still be considered a buzzword, but soon it will become the backbone for everything-as-a-service.

Lambda Expressions in Java 8: Why and How to Use Them

This is the third post in the 6-part series about the top most interesting features of Java 8 that make its adoption worthwhile for enterprises. In our last post, we discussed about application performance improvement caused by a new strategy employed in JDK 8 for dealing with the HashMap collisions. In this post, we will discuss about the role of lambda expressions in Java 8 in applying functional programming constructs in a pure Object-Oriented programming language. Using lambda expression, sequential and parallel execution can be achieved by passing behavior into methods. In the Java world, lambdas can be thought of as an anonymous method with a more compact syntax. Here compact means that it is not mandatory to specify access modifiers, return type and parameter types while defining the expression.

Performance Improvement for HashMap in Java 8

In our last post, we discussed the top five momentum builders for adoption of Java 8 in enterprises. In this post, we will dive deeper into JDK 8’s new strategy for dealing with HashMap collisions. Hash collision degrades the performance of HashMap significantly. With this new approach, existing applications can expect performance improvements in case they are using HashMaps having large number of elements by simply upgrading to Java 8. Hash collisions have negative impact on the lookup time of HashMap. When multiple keys end up in the same bucket, then values along with their keys are placed in a linked list. In case of retrieval, linked list has to be traversed to get the entry. In worst case scenario, when all keys are mapped to the same bucket, the lookup time of HashMap increases from O(1) to O(n).

Nagarro at Dreamforce

From 13th-16th October, Nagarro team (Vinod Kumar, Rohit Kumar) participated in the mother of all technical events, Dreamforce, in San Francisco. Dreamforce is an annual high energy event organized by Salesforce.com to showcase the upcoming products, technologies, offerings in technology space. With more than 1400 sessions to select from, the event was fun filled with numerous networking opportunities. Apart from the keynotes from Marc Benioff (CEO) & Parker Harris (Founder), we got a chance to listen to Hillary Clinton on philanthropy, Al Gore on climate change and Tony Robbins’ motivational talk.

Top 5 items that make adoption of Java 8 exciting for Enterprises

This article highlights the top momentum builders for the adoption of the Java 8 platform within enterprises. Most enterprises have invested heavily in a portfolio of Java applications. In order to enhance the functionality and capabilities of that portfolio, enterprises are constantly looking to upgrade API versions or bring in newer frameworks to enhance the applications. In no order of priority, I have picked 5 things that appealed to me. There are several exciting features that were launched as part of Java SE 8 and several exciting additions that will be a part of Java SE 9. In this article we explore only the additions that are already part of the current release, Java SE 8. In a subsequent post, I will cover exciting enhancements that will be released as a part of Java SE 9. I talk to several enterprises every month. This article leans towards the benefits of adopting JDK 8 for large enterprises. Since these large companies have made significant investments in the Java platform and have built a portfolio of Java applications, we will discuss briefly the features that will benefit current applications in the long run.

Why Large Enterprises Choose SharePoint for ECM

Gartner estimates that more than half of ECM projects fail because inadequate time was spent on planning and vendor selection. While feature sets alone may seem compelling, some solutions fail to deliver what their vendors promise. Microsoft SharePoint 2013 is one of the leading ECM platforms on the market. Its enterprise-grade capabilities and ease of use drive higher end user engagement and greater business value than many alternatives. As the graphic below indicates, there are several reasons why leading enterprises trust SharePoint 2013 to meet their ECM requirements:

Office 365 vs SharePoint on dedicated cloud

Office 365 is SaaS (Software as a Service) based solution by Microsoft which provides enterprise software capabilities on the cloud, where users can get to applications and files from virtually anywhere—PC, Mac, and tablets—and they're always up to date. However, due to many limitations and challenges it is not being adopted on larger scale. If you are interested in learning more about why several companies are postponing their adoption of Office 365, read this white paper which discusses the constraints of Office 365 as it exists today.

Retail Banks Feel the Heat From New Competitors

The evidence is multiplying, hard to ignore… Alternative players in financial services are shaking up the status quo, leaving traditional bankers feeling the heat from unprecedented competition. Alertnative Threats 71% of surveyed bank executives in the US admit their retail banking business is threated by non-traditional competitors, according to a recent Price Waterhouse Cooper report (entitled “Retail Banking 2020”, published 3/11/14). The survey includes 560 respondents from leading banks in 17 countries.

Are You Selecting the Best Tools for Mobile Software Testing?

Are you confident your testing tools are well suited for the mobile challenge? We all know it’s critical to “get mobile right”. With the popularity of mobile applications exploding, softwar