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Five Questions to Help You Approach Outsourced Product Development With Offshore Companies

Product companies looking for an outsourcing partner for software product development have a lot to consider. Finding the right partner is tough enough under normal circumstances.

"Red Light, Green Light" Sharepoint apps can speed up your ride, with little downside

When I was a kid, I loved to play “Red Light, Green Light”. Freeze in place while the “light” is red, and run as fast as you can while the “light” is green, so you can advance to the goal and win the game. Now that I’m working in corporate ...

Disruptive IT Innovations in Retail Banking Have a Secret Sauce

After facing a crisis of declining consumer trust for the last several years, the worldwide banking industry is finally rebounding with growing consumer confidence, according to the 2014 Global Consumer Banking Survey. Released February 2014 by ...

SharePoint Conference 2014 – Highlights and Viewpoint

The recently concluded Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2014 was exciting, ground-breaking, and satisfying. It was for the first time that Nagarro was a sponsor and exhibiting at the conference. We received good traffic at our booth and met some very ...

Nagarro team presented Seamless Sign On paper at SAP Insider Track event

On 16th March 2013, Nagarro SAP Team (Rohit Kumar, Manna Das, Rahul Pathak) took part in the prestigious SAP Inside Track, held first time at Delhi. The niche event sees SAP Community Networ k (SCN) members coming together to share knowledge, ...

Nagarro Team attends SAP TechED 2013

Nagarro’s SAP team members took part in the SAP TechEd 2013 held in Bangalore, from December 11 – 13, 2013. The three day event hosted by SAP, was attended by over 6000 members and saw participation from over 400 companies.

Nagarro Sponsored the Salesforce Customer Company Tour for Nordic Region

On 15th October 2013, Nagarro sponsored the Salesforce Customer Company Tour (#CCTNOR) at Stockholm, Sweden. The event is one of the largest Salesforce event in the Nordics region and was visited by around 700 people. This was the first time that we ...

Nagarro participated in Dreamforce 2013

Nagarro’s team took part in the Dreamforce event, which had close to 130,000 attendees, held in San Francisco from 18th November – 21th November 2013. Our day started off with a key note from Marc Benioff, CEO Salesforce.com that set the tone for ...

Let's see What UI Patterns have to Say about themseleves

Welcome Mr. Smart UI Pattern. Our developer friends want you to introduce yourself and justify the claim for being ‘Smart’. Mr. Developer, you can never shun your habit of forgetting the ‘Name’ of your own creation.