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Should you build Microservices from Day 1?

When it comes to working on a greenfield project, we see countless anecdotes online that suggest it is to start with a monolith. However, based on several experiences and insights, it has become evident that like most architecture areas (and essentially anything that is subjective), starting with a monolith may not always be beneficial. It all depends on the context.

Continuous Everything in mobile app development using Microsoft technologies

What is Continuous Everything? Continuous Everything is an approach for continuous development while maintaining excellent quality alongside. It is about removing all the barriers which slow down the development process, thus focusing on automation. When we say continuous, it means we are performing an operation repeatedly or as early as possible.

Growing adoption of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in the finance services sector

The financial service industry has undergone drastic changes over the last few years. Several firms today remain focused on the implications of the digital revolution and its impact on customer behavior and expectations. One such technological innovation is Robotic Process Automation. Robotics is the foundation for “Workforce Virtualization.” Standardization of all high-volume, low value-added tasks can be done not by artificial intelligence, but through software applications that can be scaled up or scaled down as deemed fit without manual intervention.

Top 6 factors to consider while validating insurance applications

The role of technology in the insurance domain is not limited to performing core operations like quote generation, policy processing, endorsements, renewals, cancellations, claim processing, and more. Retaining customer loyalty and improving customer experience are now at the forefront of this competitive landscape. Glitches such as passing on non-competitive rates to the clients, generation of faulty policy documents, delay in claim processing, so on, can result in significant financial attenuation and tarnish the brand of a business in the insurance domain. Thus, insurance firms these days invest considerably in the development and modernization of their IT infrastructure. Moreover, they need the best testing and validating capabilities that comprises a perfect blend of business understanding and technical acumen .

The agile retrospective: How to build a happy, competent, and successful scrum team?

Agile teams have made retrospective meetings a standard as they are the cornerstone of inspection and adaptation for every organization. Given the right environment, retrospectives can empower a team to share hurdles honestly and openly. The actions coming out of a retrospective can be communicated and performed in a subsequent iteration, and this makes retrospectives an effective way to make short-cycled improvements.

Las Vegas calling: Team Nagarro at the Microsoft Inspire 2018

Every year, Microsoft presents its strategy for the new fiscal year and the upcoming focus topics at the Inspire Conference. The partner cooperation is in focus as well. For Nagarro, it was the perfect reason to visit Las Vegas this time. After eight years of cloud evangelism and a fierce determination to support companies in their transformation, Nagarro Austria from a total of 2,600 submissions in 115 countries received the coveted "Partner of the Year" award. Our Austria team proudly accepted the award and was enthusiastic about what they experienced at the Microsoft Inspire 2018 in Las Vegas. Here are a few highlights from the event.

5 megatrends shaping the future of testing automation

A term like automation is selling like hotcakes in the testing domain. Today, various tools are available to automate diverse testing types as per different test approaches. However, the primary focus of all these tools is to minimize manual testing efforts required during the execution. As these automation solutions are evolving from a traditional record-and-play type to an end-to-end hybrid framework solution integrated with CI/CD, there are avenues yet to be explored. Additionally, to make such solutions smarter and agile, the next generation of automation solutions requires integrating with AI (Artificial Intelligence) from its roots. We, at Nagarro, have begun exploring this sphere of making automation solutions more intelligent and perceptive. So, let’s find out 5 megatrends that are shaping the future of test automation:

Effective service transitioning: 9 key factors to ensure success

Moving new or modified products or services from the staging environment to the live environment should happen smoothly without causing any interruption or disruption to the operational environment and other running services. For a successful and smooth transition, it is critical to:

How to mitigate these 3 new-age web application threats?

Traditional applications layers are rapidly moving towards a more modular design using complex workflows comprising of microservices, complex data, and metadata types & external SaaS utilities. This complex architecture creates a high degree of east-west traffic in addition to the north-south traffic between the user desktop and the client tier. This additional traffic highway, along with the added complexities in design makes cybersecurity more and more difficult.

Top 10 factors to build high-performing agile teams

Every transformational leader would prefer a team that is engaged, motivated, and contribute directly towards achieving the organizational goals. Here are the 10 key factors which really worked for me in building high performing agile teams.