Wealth management and the middle-class German

7/19/2016, written by Feroz Zaidi

Categories: Wealth Management

Wealth management, one of the most appealing facets in the financial sector, is undergoing a fundamental transition in European countries. This is due to the emergence of a new...

Backlog grooming in practice

7/19/2016, written by Girish Singh

Categories: Agile Backlog grooming Scrum

Over the last few years while working in numerous scrum teams, I have come to realize one thing that all of us seem to struggle with - completing user stories within sprint boundaries....

Guarding against 'disruption'

7/1/2016, written by Kanchan Ray

Categories: Disruption Agility Enterprise Agile Innovation

'Disruption' is the most dreaded word for any CXO nowadays. Every CXO is worried about his/her industry being disrupted by a new player - probably by a tiny startup. Most startups claim...




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Success Story