Balancing process and agility in a growing organization

2/18/2016, written by Ashok Thomas

Categories: Enterprise Agile

Most organizations consider process and agility as mutually exclusive. The contention is that focus on one would naturally result in the dilapidation of the other.This philosophy...

Are you a BA in an Agile project or an Agile BA?

2/18/2016, written by Nitin Kumar

Categories: Agile Business Analyst

In an agile environment, particularly in the case of large scale globally distributed teams, a Business Analyst (BA) does not just have to be ‘a universal communicator’ of requirements,...

To Know Us Is to Love Us

2/11/2016, written by Cindy Wolf

Categories: Make Magic Personal Essay

I’m a lifetime New Yorker, and so by default I’m meant to be a jaded New Yorker. Perhaps we *may* just have a tendency to look at things a bit more cynically – we’ve seen it all. So,...

The Joy of Making

2/11/2016, written by Nagarro

Categories: Make Magic Personal Essay

Here’s a game to play on long trans-continental flights.




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Success Story