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Balancing process and agility in a growing organization

Most organizations consider process and agility as mutually exclusive. The contention is that focus on one would naturally result in the dilapidation of the other. This philosophy typically results in a rigid dichotomy, wherein one hand of the ...

Are you a BA in an Agile project or an Agile BA?

In an agile environment, particularly in the case of large scale globally distributed teams, a Business Analyst (BA) does not just have to be ‘a universal communicator’ of requirements, but also has to act as the product owner. There is a school of ...

To Know Us Is to Love Us

I’m a lifetime New Yorker, and so by default I’m meant to be a jaded New Yorker. Perhaps we *may* just have a tendency to look at things a bit more cynically – we’ve seen it all. So, when I started at Nagarro, I assumed that we were in business for ...

The Joy of Making

Here’s a game to play on long trans-continental flights.