Andreas Hütter(c)Michi SeirerAndreas Hütter has been working in the field of software development since 2006 and currently dedicates himself with great passion to the challenging task of harmonizing business and technology. During his professional career in various roles as developer, team leader, product manager, architect, and a technical agile coach, he has always placed great value on collegial teamwork.

His professional and also personal focus while coaching development teams is to teach agile practices and patterns in software development, especially in the area of clean code and test driven development. Furthermore, he supports his customers in the implementation of microservices architectures and the application of Domain Driven Design. Especially important to him are an open mindset, the pursuit of technical excellence and an appreciative and constructive interaction with each other. His favorite quote is “I'm not a great programmer; I'm just a good programmer with great habits.” by Kent Beck

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